Kataphron Destroyers – Completed

By | 09/12/2018

It is only a couple of weeks to go until I head over to Warhammer World to face off against Dessie (with his accursed Dark Eldar). As such I need to ramp up the Stygies VIII production line. This will be the culmination of the Alchemists Workshops – Tale of Two Warlords.

After I got my start collecting box finished, donated from Alchemists Workshops, I need some firepower to add to the force. So here we are with some Kataphron Destroyers, equipped with plasma culverins and phosphor blasters.

Kataphron destroyers 1

I went with the matching green glow for the eye lenses to match the rest if the force, but went with blue for the plasma.

Kataphron destroyers 2

Otherwise I kept then dark and grimy to match the Onager and my knights.

Kataphron destroyers 3

The bases of course match the Mars theme, because I really like the look of it, despite being a Stygies VIII force.


So what do we think folks?

12 thoughts on “Kataphron Destroyers – Completed

  1. Adam

    What? Oh, my whole arm is a giant plasma death dealing machine. Yeah, gimme another gun for the other hand! You never know when you’ll need it.
    I really like the green glow effect. And good luck in your game!

  2. Westrider

    Looking good! And hey, I’m sure the Adeptus Mechanicus have turned plenty of worlds (and parts of plenty more) into iron-oxide deserts πŸ˜‰

  3. Thor

    Nice work. The glow looks great and those are just cool models too.

    A few minor suggestions. Dry brush over that base lightly with a bone color of some sort. It will really make it pop.

    If you don’t want to do the whole lense effect on the eyes (layering greens for realism), then put a tiny dot of white at the top center of them. That small dot will make a big difference, trust me.

    Lastly, I’d go over those plasma coils with a thin white so it’s translucent. Then use your blue wash (think you washed it?), very thinly over it just to tint the white to blue. It will really sell that energy look.

    Also, looks like you did some selective white highlights on those coils, which I like, so after the previous step just reenforce that again.

    Just constructive criticism to help you out. I think they look great as-is, just something to consider if you want to push them up a level when you have time.

    Great to see you making improvements as it is.

    1. Siph

      And maybe a light drybrush of the red oxide over the tracks or weathering powder in track recesses? To join the model to the base, unless you (thousandeyes) went for factory fresh mate? Great job regardless, I like the plasma glow as is actually πŸ™‚

    2. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      The plasma coils are actually originally blue and the dry brush the white over. But creating a wash will be a good idea, I will have to go back to them.

      Good idea in the bases as well. I might want to go look at Secret Weapon Miniatures weathering powders as well.

      Thanks for the tips and compliments. They are not my best standard but I want to make sure thing are ready for the game. Will have to go back for sure.

      1. Thor

        Like I said, they look great, and I know you’re working against a deadline. Speaking of, have fun with the game too.

  4. Siph

    They look great, loving the green glow and the militaristic green of the frames.

  5. NafNaf

    I’m a bit late to the party, but these are great Rory! Really like how they’ve turned out πŸ™‚


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