Harlequin Troupe: The Umbral Embrace Showcase

By | 08/30/2018
My Harlequin Troupe ‘The Umbral Embrace’ has been a bit of a labour of love that has been very rewarding as a miniature painter and a gamer.
I shied away from Harlequins a few years ago as I didn’t feel my painting skills were up to the challenge. But given time, practice and patience I’m pleased to have a fully painted force.
My biggest achievement with the force is the cheques I applied. It’s not perfect but this was one of the major hurdles I overcame during the project.
Some of my favourite models in the army are the Triumvirate conversions and the mighty WraithKnight. They gave me real scope and context to be creative and add some flare to a force with an arguably small model range.
I was overjoyed to take my harlequins to a Throne of Skulls tourney earlier this year where I ranked second. The force turned out to be more than a pretty face and the new codex allowed me to bring a really nice force together for gaming.
The troupe as it stands is roughly half the force I want all in all. The fully fledged force will pull in some Aeldari and Druhkari models I like, all of which will undergo the Harlequin treatment of course!

Overall my encounter with the laughing God has been fun and I’m looking forward to expanding the force.


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4 thoughts on “Harlequin Troupe: The Umbral Embrace Showcase

  1. corrm

    Great work! I too thought about Harlequins, but was put off by the daunitng painting task. Congratulations for following through and putting together a brilliant force.

  2. Westrider

    Nice-looking stuff! I have no personal interest in painting or playing Harlequins, but I always like seeing a well-painted Harlequin force.

  3. Adam

    I know some people go fully mental on Harlequins. And they can look amazing. I like the coherent look of your army with understated fully mental details.


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