Knight Valiant “Boundless Rage” completed

By | 08/21/2018

Feels like I have been working on this Knight Valiant for ages. Not that I complaining as I have loved it. Knights have always fascinated me in Warhammer 40K, even look back at my previous knight.

So here we have the Knight Valiant Boundless Rage, I mean it is armed with a giant flamer (conflagration cannon) and a harpoon. That seems like it is pretty angry as is. You have to love how over the top Warhammer 40K can be.

If you were following along on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will have seen the WiP pictures of this beast coming together. For example how I modified the walking stance to give it more movement.

The glorious conflagration cannon. For roasting your enemies at 18 inches accept no substitutes. The heat/flame effect was done with airbrushing, something I am trying my hand at. It will take a lot of effort but the results I see others achieving show it can be done.

Harpoon, extended edition. Now with additional kill markings! This is just a plasticard tube used to create a barrel for the weapon. I thought it a touch short otherwise.

There we go, another knight ready for war in the name of House Vulker. (Just ignore the fact they look nothing like them)


What do folks think?

8 thoughts on “Knight Valiant “Boundless Rage” completed

  1. Thor

    It came out great, and you’ve got some cool moody shots. The kill markings are a nice touch too.

  2. Siph

    Love the moody shots and the Harpoon gun


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