Imperial Guard Isolation Army Complete – 1,000 points

By | 05/18/2020

1,000 points of Imperial Guard done and it took a lot longer than I expected. This is my attempt of doing something with all those spare models that have built up. Plus you know the lack of daily commute gave me a lot more time and I thought some of it should be used for hobby time. This gave me a chance to look at the many lists I had made up with plans to one day purchase, assemble, paint and play with. (Chaos in both demon and Iron Warriors, Tyranids, Sisters of Battle, various Marines armies, Orks; it goes on…) 

The 19th Ravens of the Steel Legion of the Imperial Guard

Imperial guard army - Astra Militarium

So it turns out you can get a lot of models for 1,000 points with Imperial Guard (or Astra Militarium). Like a whole lot more than I am used to.

Lord Commissar Anderson – Boltgun, Power fist, Warlord: Bellowing Voice
Tank Commander – Battle Cannon, Lascannon, Steel Commander, Track guards

1st Infantry squad (10) – plasma gun
2nd Infantry squad (10) – plasma gun
3rd Infantry squad (10) – plasma gun

Heavy weapon squad – missile launcher x3
Leman Russ Battle Tank – Battle Cannon, Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Battle Tank – Battle Cannon, Heavy Bolter

Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter – Tactical Bombs, 2x Twin autocannon, Twin lascannon

Dedicated Transport
Chimera – Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser

Imperial guard army - Astra Militarium - Leman Russes

So I think the lists gives me a few options to play around with and includes some of the things I really like about the Imperial Guard. That is to say tanks. I really like Leman Russes. With a bonus Chimera rocking a dozer blade for looks alone.

Imperial guard army - Astra Militarium - Troops

Lord Commissar Anderson, who looks very washed out in this photo, has been a classic mini for a long time.  I will have to go back and take some better photos of him. I will put them up on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages when sorted.

Air-power – Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter

Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter - Imperial guard army - Astra Militarium

The final model is a wonderful piece of kit from Forgeworld. Sadly I flew off the handle and put it all together before starting painting, this leaves some really tricky spots to paint. You’d think I’d have learned that by now.

Remember in times like this you do not need to worry about your productivity, we are all under immense pressure. Your hobbies should be something enjoyable, not something you feel you need to progress.

Take care until next time.

3 thoughts on “Imperial Guard Isolation Army Complete – 1,000 points

  1. Thor

    Great looking army!

    You’re certainly making way more progress on stuff than me. Only thing I’ve painted is the bust I did. Just haven’t been feeling it.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thanks chief. Took me a long time to get them done but they are in a useable state now.

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