Imperial Assault 3: Another Misson and Painting Progress

By | 06/19/2015
Ok so I have a few more Imperial Assault models to show. I got painting these because I am really enjoying the campaign I am, not just becase my Imperials crushed the Rebellion in the last mission. I will do a quick run down of the 2nd mission after the pictures.

First up is a nice little group shot. Honestly I have started to paint the hero characters but frankly I am playing the Imperials. It is like me painting loyalists for my Thousand Sons to crush. The figures all come preassembled and stuck to bases apart from the AT-ST, but even that didn’t need glue. Here we have six Stormtroopers, three Probe Droids, two Nexu and a AT-ST (in a pear tree).

This is just a slightly better shot of the Probe Droids than I had in the last post I did on Imperial Assault. Still pretty happy with the paint jobs on these guys, quick but it works. Game wise these guys aren’t exactly working out for me. The best one of them has done is drifting into the three Rebels and self destructing.
The lovely little Nexu, aren’t they cute? I mean who doesn’t want to pet one of those guys. Nasty little critters in close combat they are, if they can get there.
Ah the lovely chicken walker that is the AT-ST. I only got to deploy it once, in my favour at least, and then the Rebels ran away before I coul get to shoot them up or walk all over them. Next time Rebellion! *shakes fist*
Mission 2:
Well mission 2 didn’t go well for the Rebellion, not at all. This was one of the side missions the Rebel players had chosen to do. It was a story mission for the Sniper, if they won she would get a special stealth suit which would make it even harder to shoot the wench. To top this off they started off with my beloved AT-ST! The Sniper stole it but I have an ace up my sleeve, the Royal Guards including a Royal Guard Champion. My plan was fairly simple; charge!
Unfortunatly for the Rebels that was there plan as well. We met in the middle of a large hanger and my close combat specialists were grouped together and managed to burn through the Rebels in short order. By the end of the second turn I had met my victory contidions and it was all over. All Rebels were wounded and forced to withdraw.
1 – 1. Tune in next time see what happens when the Rebellion tries to break into a secret Imperial facility.
Take care and have fun folks 🙂
Rory aka Thousand Eyes

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