Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 14: Bases up

By | 06/21/2015
I finally managed to get some advancement on my Sons. Both squads are basically battle field ready but pretty far from being finished. 
As you can see the weapons need a ggoing over and some of the backpacks have been pretty much untouched. Reinforcements from the Planet of Sorcery are on the way 😉
I had tried to do a neon green on the bases and the earth techinal earth paint that cracks. I had hoped this would give a cool almost glow effect up through the ground. Sadly it just didn’t work out.
As a bonus picture to celebrate getting to over 5,000 views here is my daemon prince and his mutilated left arm. I had to make it out a right arm and redo the hand and green stuff a thumb.

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