Imperial Assault 2: First mission

By | 06/10/2015
Well I cannot treat you to some stunning exploits to my Thousand Sons destroying all before them I can attempt to regale you with the ongoing Imperial Assault campaign in my house. This won’t be a critic of the game or a complete explanation, just a flavour of play and the games I have done.
The movers and shakers:
The Smuggler – Sneaky wagon who tends to shoot every time the Imperials move.
The Sniper – Another sneaky so and so that tends to shoot straight through my defence dice.
The Waanabe Jedi – Runs straight at the Imperials and cuts them to shreds.
The Imperials – Lord of the Thousand Eyes (aka me) who is totally type cast as the baddies.
For any who don’t know the game it is a competitive versus game. Sounds confusing but is rather simple in application.  One group of players, up to four of them, will form the Rebel Alliance(boo) and the other player will take control of the Imperial Forces (yah!). The game then runs through a series of missions, of both the story and side variety.
From here on out you are warned that there may be spoilers as only the Imperial player will know the full details of the missions. As the Rebels move through the board layout (that everyone can see from the start) they will trigger certain events. So you are warned.
Seriously last warning. 

Right so those still with me will know that Vader is Lukes father and that the ship sinls at the end. Also above you will see a picture of my five minute paint job on the probe driods. Nothing stunning but they work well I think. But on with the game!
Mission 1:
The first mission is actually set so every campaign will start the same way. There is a little bit of house keeping before the first game bit nothing to severe.  The most important thing is that I chose to level up my Imperial forces down the Military Might tree. Essentially putting my faith in my Stormtroopers, which thinking back to the movies may have been a mistake.
The first board layout is rather small and leaves me attempting to defend a number of terminals for six rounds. As such I tried to occupy the Rebels attention early on and keep them trying to kill off my troops rather than advancing forward. Sadly they proved rather good at that. Even detonating one of my probe droids among them didn’t slow them down.
They were relentless is their advance but the moment they opened the first door I was able to trigger an upgrade on all the terminals.  This just about doubled tje terminals health and the game was on.
Despite some good shooting with an E-Web and a clever ploy by an Imperial officer the Rebels won. I had heavily wounded two of them and the other only had three hit points left away from total victory for me. Curses!
Depending on demand I can update with Mission 2 soon, it includes an AT-ST and several Royal Guard.
Let me know what you think.

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