Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 24: Big update

By | 09/30/2015
OK so my updating schedule has been getting worse and I apologise to anyone who checks back regularly. This is in part due to looking into moving my blog over to WordPress all together. Any thoughts on that out there folks?
I have not been idle on the model front either and have a good tally of Thousand Sons for my army “The Host of Remembrance.” I think a group shot of everything painted is in order for starters. Thanks to Joel from Mordain 7th I do have a list of names for these I need to dig out.

Here we have:

My Sorcerer Lord on a disc because Ahirman is a busy guy.
Squad 1: Sacred number of Thousand Sons.

Squad 2: Sacred number of Thousand Sons.
Hellbrute 1: Part of Mayhem pack formation.

Hellbrute 2: Part of Mayhem pack formation.
Helldrake: Named Sqwaks by the eldest.
In a assembled and primed state I have my Forgefiend and I am looking forward to getting some paint on that beast. Two hades auto cannons and a ecto plasma mouth. Lots of pew pew pew. I tried to make his base and pose somewhat more interesting, but like the helldrake I didn’t want to go too crazy with my first model of it.
Of course that means I have spare Maulerfiend parts which might find there way onto the third hellbrute for my Mayhem pack. Since I signed myself up for Dreadtober that project may need to be advanced.

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