Warhammer 40K Fallen Angels 1: The Rise

By | 09/22/2015
For a long time I have wanted to set myself a challenge: To do Sin City Space Marines!
Now let me explain that a bit more my idea is to do marines using black and white and one spot colour, just like the comics and movies. For this I chose read because my marines in question were going to be The Fallen…

You see I have wanted to do a unit of the Fallen since I first started playing back in second edition and heard rumours of them. The idea of these soldiers fighting throughout the 10,000 years that have passed appealed to me. I wanted them to look like they meant business, that thy had the gear to do it. I still don’t know how cost them as it’d be nice to be able to use them as Sternguard proxies or Chosen.
As part of this I wanted them to be more dynamic than my usual rather static marines. What follows is the initial attempts at both posing and the block painting. Not quite sure how I will get the black and white film look onto them…
NB: The sharp eyed among you will notice that the left leg changes between the unpainted and painted sections. I was advised it looked terrible on Facebook.

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