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Thousand Sons Primarch: Magnus The Red 04 WiP

By | 01/17/2017

+++ Magnus the Red: The Demon is in the Details +++ Sticking with my Warhammer 40k vibe, although the Imperial Fists are calling, I have pushed ahead with the Crimson King. Although at this stage the changes are becoming less obvious as I go. More subtle work now, rather than blocked in colours. This is… Read More »

Thousand Sons: Magnus The Red 03 WiP

By | 01/12/2017

+++ Magnus the Red: Lord of the Thousand Sons +++ Currently Warhammer 40K has one Demon Primarch and he is Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, the Red Cyclops and farther of the Thousand Sons. As anyone who follows this blog knows I am all about the Thousand Sons. So of course I had to have… Read More »

Thousand Sons: Magnus The Red 02 WiP

By | 01/06/2017

+++ Demon Primarch: Now with paint! +++ Now for my second post on good old Magnus here, this little fella barely fit into my lighting boz. So I am not 100% happy with the pictures. I am really happy with how the colour is starting to come together now. So I present, Magnus the Red,  Demon Primarch… Read More »

Thousand Sons: Magnus The Red 01 WiP

By | 01/02/2017

+++ Magnus the Red! +++ The start of a new year and time to hit the ground running! So I am starting straight into a Christmas present with the big man himself: Magnus the Red, father of the Thousand Sons! While I am doubtful I will end up running the model, I couldn’t deny the thrill… Read More »

Thousand Sons: Wrath of Magnus List Building

By | 12/08/2016

So with the Wrath of Magnus dropping and rampant list building occurring as I drool over the models I finally hammered out a list at 2000 points I like the look of and would fancy playing. Ok this list doesn’t involve Magnus himself, this list is aimed at a more general play as I don’t… Read More »