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By | 01/12/2017

+++ Magnus the Red: Lord of the Thousand SonsĀ +++

Currently Warhammer 40K has one Demon Primarch and he is Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, the Red Cyclops and farther of the Thousand Sons. As anyone who follows this blog knows I am all about the Thousand Sons. So of course I had to have him and it is one of my favourite models to date. I am really enjoying getting some paint on this and bring it to life.


Magnus the Red: Almost too big to fit in the light box.
Magnus the Red: Almost too big to fit in the light box.
For the first part click this one and for the second click this one.

Magnus's wings.
Magnus’s wings.

Thankfully the wings are magentised for travel, so I can take them off to move the model around in the light box. It also makes it a lot easier to paint. I am really liking how the wings are coming together so far. The next stage is to deepen the red closer to the flesh colour as it meets his shoulders. After that I will look at making the tips orange to match the patches of feathers on his arms and legs.


The latest in Demon Primarch fashion.
The latest in Demon Primarch fashion.

I went with the same blue that my Rubrics wear to help tie Magnus into them. It looks a lot brighter though thanks to the lights, lack of shading and it being painted onto white. I am not yet sure what colour to paint the symbols on it. You can also see the gold has had some leadbleacher applied to help tone it down


He works out… or cheats and uses the Warp to change his shape.


I am still unsure what to actually do with the sword itself, but I figured a base coat of metal would be a good start.

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