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Thousand Sons: Magnus The Red 01 WiP

By | 01/02/2017

+++ Magnus the Red! +++ The start of a new year and time to hit the ground running! So I am starting straight into a Christmas present with the big man himself: Magnus the Red, father of the Thousand Sons! While I am doubtful I will end up running the model, I couldn’t deny the thrill… Read More »

Chaos Showcase – Tzeentched CSM Possessed and Sorcerer

By | 12/14/2016

+++ Counts As CSM Possessed and Sorcerer  +++ These little monsters come from /r/Warhammer40K user Tzeentched. Reddit user Tzeentched has gifted me with another chance to show off some of his stunning Thousand Sons, this time a selection of Possessed and a Sorcerer. So over to the demon itself: My brother got me a box of Greyknights for… Read More »

Cerastus Knight-Castigator 02

By | 12/04/2016

+++ Time to get my strut on: Strike a pose+++ I got a lot of work done on my Knight Castigator this week, it is starting to look like it is ready to be deployed to the field. At this stage I am needing to look at transfers and polishing off the details. Such as… Read More »

Cerastus Knight-Castigator 01

By | 11/28/2016

+++ Time to get some heavy metal moving! +++ Those of you who have followed the blog for a while will remember my previous attempts at kit bashing a Chaos Knight. They didn’t progress so well. While that project has faltered it is not entirely finished, but in the mean time a new Knight has… Read More »

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists 4: Back in Black!

By | 09/25/2016

+++The Stone Gauntlet: Imperial Fists+++ Ok so something just didn’t sit right with me on my Imperial Fists. As such I went looking for inspiration and noticed a number of other painters had used black shoulder pads. So I tried a quick test mini and I like it so much I did the rest in… Read More »

Imperial Fists 3: Breachers are in position!

By | 09/14/2016

+++The Stone Gauntlet: Imperial Fists+++ First squad for my Stone Gauntlet is done, maybe the next one will have the correct shields. These ones had to be modified, a lot. The riot shields are from Anvil Industries, the right hand flamer shield is a hatch from an old Rhino kit and the sarge is rocking… Read More »