#Squaduary 2018: week 2 starts.

By | 02/08/2018

#Squaduary 2018 week 2 is here!

Here we are on the second post of Squaduary 2018. I know I will have missed a few people from the list below but hopefully they can let me know on this post or Twitter. I am delighted to see so many people joining in already. Last year there was a total of 349 models last year, I hope we can beat that this year. Of note I do want to say this is not just a GW or 40K event, all systems are accepted. Lets jump right in with our first weeks progress:

“I have been working up to this very slowly as I wanted quite clean models for it. A different style than I am used to for sure. All five have the majority of colours blocked in but the centre one has her purple completed. That purple alone was five different shades building up. From a man who normally does drybrushing it was quite a step. (Thanks for the tips Kirsten)”

five woman Sisters of Battle squad

My five woman Sisters of Battle squad

Svartmetall from Stepping Between Games

“Finished construction pics of the 3 Spawn.”

tOther from Stepping Between Games

“First 20 Poxwalkers underway.”

squaduary pox walkers

Baz from Stepping Between Games

Dessie from Stepping Between Games

“So, week 1 and my first ever Dark Eldar models.

  • First impression: “Ouch… they’re spikey” (as I nurse my wounded hand)
  • Second impression: “Man these are fiddly” as I get used to dealing with models which are much smaller than marines, or even guardsmen.

However, they are utterly gorgeous models and I enjoyed building them. I didn’t enjoy building the Archon model – it really is a pain in the bum, but that’s not part of Squaduary.

So, 3 bikes built, 3 riders build and one bike mostly painted.
Not going for traditional Dark Eldar colours – I wanted to try something less common on the basis that I could fall back the Black and Green if my experiment didn’t work out.
I think it worked out OK but happy to receive feedback. What do you think?

The first jet bike isn’t quite finished yet – I’ve got some spiked vine stencils that I got from Fallout Hobbies some time back.
I don’t use an airbrush so it’s possible that using these to try and do some vine work on my bikes might go horribly wrong.
I’ll start on the underside of the wing and see what happens. If you find me next week, rocking back and forward whilst wailing inconsolably you’ll know it wasn’t a success.


Kirsten from Stepping Between Games

Hayden from Stepping Between Games

Pluckylad from Stepping Between Games

Pluckylass from Stepping Between Games

“The pursuer cadre consists of two parts, and GW doesn’t make models for either. However I want to use my models at Warhammer World, so I need to use GW parts. This is the first major challenge of the squad. So, for the cyberhounds, a model that’s not been made since the 90s, I used gryffhounds with back-mounted flamers. No idea what colour to go with yet, but that’s another week’s problem.

The cadre has pistol and one-handed weapon – forgeworld has given me a chance with this, as they do twin pistols, so by buying a set of them and making some models left handed, I was able to patch together the other hand, in which I gave them axes which seemed appropriate for pursuers. The last bit of modifying I’m doing is adding some heads – I don’t like that they’ve stuck with the very narrow fluff so my black ship recruits any blanks it can find and so I’ve used AoS white wolves for the men. I’m off to carve up some catachan heads and give them ponytails now.”

Fellow bloggers

DMary from 262nd Death Korps of Krieg

“I hope to take what I learned about edge highlighting and apply it in spades to these dark green power armored marines. I intend to follow the GW paint recipe for Dark Angels over all, but I will be substituting in some Vallejo colors here and there for things like metallics where the color choice won’t take away from the overall Dark Angels look.

The models have been based on their stock GW 30mm round bases. My proprietary mix of model railroad ballast was then glued down with Elmer’s wood glue to provide the ground cover, which matches the vast collection of (primed but largely unpainted) Dark Angels that I already own.”

Cylde from Mastadontica

Ed O’Malley from Berserker Blade

“You might not be able to tell from the photos but they are undercoated, I swear! It’s just that I am taking a departure from my usual process and using a pale grey undercoat rather than good old Chaos black. The main reason for this is because these models have a lot of exposed flesh; which should be easier to paint over a light coloured undercoat. I have always struggled with flesh tones over black and found that they need plenty of thin coats to ensure good coverage.”

Blazmo from Tabletop Apocalypse

“Things have gone far better than I expected and I’ve forged ahead. Behold the light of progress! If you missed my earlier post, these beasties are to be used on the field as Adeptus Mechanicus, so you might recognise some familiar weapons. I was worried that the conversions would take way too long, but handily it turns out that the Skitarii arms are almost compatible with the Stormvermin kit (read compatible very loosely).

They did have to be cut about a bit and filled extensively (especially in the back), but it wasn’t too onerous and I’m really happy with how the squad is coming together. I have finished these guys, but I’m waiting on an infusion of fresh parts to build the Alpha from.”

“I’m on a roll with this new project; and to prove it here’s a rather grizzly beastie fresh from the forge. He is a bit of a mash-up of parts. Kind of what I envisage for a Warlock Engineer given 40,000 years or so to really get his madness down. I’ve used the Tech Priest Dominus as a base, which has to be the best decision I ever made as it is such a nice model.

From there, I’ve added a plethora of plastic detritus to bring about some wonderful changes. A lot of the conversions are actually quite subtle, but if you’re familiar with the kit you can probably tell that there are a lot of small changes all over the place.”

Green Dal from 40K for the Win

“Week 1 is in the books. Next week is getting the basic colors on them. I will be happy if they are all the base blue.”

Siph from The Weemen

“Progress has started on the RTB01 Space Marine Tactical Squad. Honestly, close up these guys needed a lot of work, my younger self cared not for moldline cleaning and thought nothing of cutting these from the sprue with blunt scissors! He was also very generous with Poly Cement and accessories on shin Greaves – as the now smoothed scars will attest to.”

Westrider from Cascadian Grim Dark

Castigator from Castigators Chaos

“I’d already managed to build a Champion with a plasma pistol and Shockwhip (Catrina), my Leader with Combi-needler and Power Sword (Maman Brigitte) and a ganger with a Lasgun (Sumpsnake Sali).”

NafNaf from Objective Secured

“Absolutely smashed by Squadary vow this month so far. Managed to complete these guys in two straight sittings. It was a real joy to get back to a more messier way of painting than when I do the Danse Macabre stuff.It is so quick to do multiple washes and drybrushes to build up a really nice depth of tone on the skin and bark, and the textured paint really does wonders to show the technique in all its glory. who says drybrushing is for beginners eh?”

Michael from Code 40K

“It was a bit tricky getting the gunners right arm in the correct position so I played around with pinning and in the end I chopped off the lever that controls the gun carriage and replaced it with a jewellery wire pin into the hand. these are are all currently un glued so once it’s all painted and I’m ready for assembly, I can adjust as needed. But I reckon they’re pretty close as they are.”

Corrm from St Andrews Wargaming

“I had pledged to get several units of my White Scars painted up, needed for a tournament at the end of the month. The units I want to complete are a squad of Vanguard Veterans, Assault Marines and a Scout squad.

The models have been built and undercoated. I also managed to get the base layers of the armour and their highlights completed at the weekend.”


“As I was thinking of building the Baneblade this month (or at least I was at the time I committed to this extra challenge) I volunteered to paint some Catachan Infantry, I’m thinking of starting with 10 and seeing how much time I have. ”

Monkey Chuka from Chucking Monkeys

“The Guard are built and primed and there’s an additional model from the old Heroquest board game I think. I want to try out this paint scheme on them but it seems too easy so a test model will confirm whether it works or whether, like most attempts to emulate GW painters, it ends up looking like a dog’s breakfast.”

CJ from Into the Void

“I’ve got all the Death Guard stuff painted already, stay tuned for an update with them sooner or later. I’ve got my Primaris all assembled and primed. I’m not sure about bases yet but with 21 days to go I am sure I can get it all sorted.”

Nick from the The Burning Eye

“I finished the first part of my pledge last night, here’s the photographic evidence! 3 Inceptors for the Swords of Dawn. Yes, the bases still need doing and I need to drill the bolter barrels and paint the chapter badge, but that’s all going to come at the end when I’ve got the Reivers and Intercessors done too, so these are done for now.”

FettFace from Back on the Battlewagon

“Hi all. I’ve been making some decent progress on my Squaduary pledge. I think I’ve got a good rhythm with doing some of the raised detail bits, with the plan to then fill in the background that will be mostly silver and black. Consequently they don’t really look very Iron Warrior-y as of yet.”

From Instagram and Twitter

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7 thoughts on “#Squaduary 2018: week 2 starts.

  1. Ed OMalley

    Great to see so many people getting involved and excellent progress all around.

  2. Derek McAllister

    Some cracking work going on here, it’s cool to see.
    I’ve barely picked up a paintbrush since October – so having the impetus to get on with it is great.

      1. Derek McAllister

        Possibly. Depends on feedback I think but so far I think it’s working.

  3. Blazmo

    Some good work going on here. I can’t believe there are finished units already! I need to get moving!


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