Sisters of Battle: Squaduary basing

By | 02/13/2018

The second full week of #Squaduary is drawing to a close on Thursday. So I thought I better get a crack on with basing my Sisters of Battle. You might remember my fondness for similar bases from the Shadespire Stormcast.

After a few hours searching the net I managed to find these on Secret Weapon Miniatures.

The steps:

Basic black primer

Grey dry brush

Bone dry brush

Dark green followed by a lighter green highlight


Over the course of an hour and a half they jumped forward in leaps and bounds. I have never painted bases without the minis on them. It was a revelation. Full access to the base was astounding, I might never go back.

The sharp eyed among may notice there are slightly more bases than my five Sisters. Lets just say there are plans ahead.

How are your Squaduary pledges going?

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