Shadow Wars Armageddon – Imperial Guard team WiP

By | 06/22/2017

Welcome to the Shadow War

I finally started to put some base colours on my kill team for Shadow Wars Armageddon. The first post on them shows how they went together, which was pretty easily, and the list for points. They are made from Anvil Industries new range of Trench Fighters.

Anvil Industries trench fighters kill team

I am going for a real dirty war torn look on these, not that I normally do really clean stuff or anything. Dark muddy ground and faded trenchcoats for everyone. I have started on the eye lenses with a blue but I am tempted to have an almost glowing red. Not sure how to handle the colours on the weapons though.

Anvil Industries trench fighters kill team

The view from the back shows were the gear is starting to be picked out and add some life to them. Next I want to pick out all the straps and belts with brown and start adding in the metallics.


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8 thoughts on “Shadow Wars Armageddon – Imperial Guard team WiP

  1. NafNaf

    Very cool Rory. I like the anvil sculpts, and the dirty scheme works well on them 🙂

  2. Thor

    What’s the primary color going to be for coats/armor?

    Those are some cool models. Lots of nice little details.

    1. Rory

      Not sure if I am going to go deep on the grey or more of a Russian look.

      They are fun kits.

  3. Hogfoot

    I see there are some 40k bits on them, but the entire bodies are Anvil parts? Looks hot, my personal favourite is the dude on the left with the shotgun, that’s a badass pose!

    1. Rory

      Yeah there are some Imperial Guard bits around the waist. I should have ordered some of there other bits and bobs from Anvil.


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