Necron Dynasty Clash – Week 3

By | 09/17/2020

The clash of Dynastys keeps apace as we plow on with out Indomitus Crusade boxsets. While we might not be #New40K ready we are getting there. Week 1 and Week 2 are available with these links.


So, not much to report in the world of Dessie-Crons this week. It’s just been a busy one with photo-shoots and prep for Dungeons and Dragons etc.

I finished off my squad of warriors. It’s dark as I’m writing this so I don’t want to take pictures of them in crappy light (I’m a photographer by trade, and therefore a light-snob… sorry). I do however have some good shots of one of the guys all finished up.

Necron Warrior - Rusty

I’ve taken to calling him “Rusty” – which is a totally In-Character Necron name, right?

I’ve also started on my Destroyer Lord and Canoptek Reanimator.  They’re starting to come together nicely.
I did take a shot at doing the destroyer blade with some pre-shading and overlay with Tesseract glow, you can see the results here. Truthfully I think I made a mess of it so I have since re-coated that blade with black and will look to revisit them in due course (suggestions as to how to do a half decent job on the bladed weapons are very welcome).


This week I have gone back to my Warhammer 40K roots, all the way back to 2nd Edition, and got the flock out. There is something fun about taking the most recent models out and going to where I started. It was a nice and simple process:
  • PVA and sprinkle with sand and small rocks
  • Let it all dry for a day
  • Layer over watered down PVA
  • Mournfang brown on all the dirt
  • More PVA, leaving some patches bare
  • Sprinkle on some classic flock
  • Paint the rim black and done.

The grey bases make me twitch. I was tempted to go Goblin Green for a real throw back, in the end I went for black rims. Even if it did use up the last of my black paint, to the very last brush stroke, I think it came out well.

With all the minis up to the below standard I would now be ready to actually deploy them to the tabletop. That being said I still have plenty of details to do up on them. All the joints in the armour for starts, then all the red glows, weathering and random clean ups. It will all add up.

Meanwhile I have recently acquired a small little turntable for displaying miniatures, below you can see my first run at this. The music was an option on my phone during the editing process, if anyone knows any copyright free music let me know. I feel the lighting is a bit dark, but when I upped the light source there was glare. But it is fun to see how these things are coming together.

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