Inquisitor Greyfax completed

By | 08/31/2020

Here we have my completed Inquisitor Greyfax, done in about three sessions or so of painting. In a bit of a rush to be honest. You see Nevermess was running an Inquistoral Conclave throughout August. A handy event to get some Inquisitors done and painted. Sadly I managed to forget about it, continuously throughout the month. But I finally remembered and unearthed the Inquisitor Greyfax model I had tucked away. Here is how she came out:

Inquisitor Greyfax 01Inquisitor Greyfax backInquisitor Greyfax close up

Not the greatest quality shots, sadly I am no Dessie when it comes to photos. (Check out his lovely Drukhari and Imperial Guard Killteam for examples.) The last photo is my attempt to show that I tried to paint the eye, which sort of worked. Very hard to see either way. Ultimately I may just run her as a cannoness for my Sisters of Battle, but time will tell on when I actually get another game in.

Thanks to Nevermess for making me actually get this model done, it has been waiting too long for paint.

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    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Many thanks, all a bit rushed but suitable to deploy.


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