Converted Warboss into Big Mek in Mega Armour

By | 12th February 2019

So Ork Warbosses no longer are allowed wear Mega Armour… for some reason. Most likely to sell that wartrike thing. So my little Ork army had an index only boss. So I decided to be cunning but brutal and Gitbash Skullkrusha – Da Bloo Wonda is now a Big Mek!

Having looked back into the site I can’t seem to find a post about the completed Warboss himself. Best I could do is spot his Mega Armoured self in this post:

He gently snuck in to photo-bomb Mag Urk Ghazhkul Thrakka himself. There were a few little conversion touches to make it more unique, reposing, extra armour and the Ork skull. But that wouldn’t do for a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field. Time to break out the bits boxes and roll up some greenstuff!

Gitbash Skullkrusha – Da Bloo Wonda

Ork Warboss to Big Mek conversion with KFF

With a grab bag of pieces from AdMech bolted on and some GS tubing to tie things together we are starting to get there. Greenstuff rollers for tubes are a brilliant tool, highly recommend them. The rest of the gubbins are from various AdMech kits that I used in my Tale of Two Warlords series. Next we need some paint to tie it all together:

Ork Warboss to Big Mek conversion with KFF painted

I went bright for some object source lighting (OSL) to try highlight the difference. The energy is fairly buzzing there but I try to keep the effects subtle in there shine on the rest of the model. I went over a number of sections of the blue to brighten the colour up, it had been quite dark originally.

So there we go, a few simple additions and I now have a Big Mek with KFF. What do you think?

My Little Waaaghhh is slowly growing, all donations gratefully received and looted! #Deathskulls