Conversion World: Too many choices!

By | 04/19/2018

Whenever I get in a bit of a modelling funk, usually caused by batch painting or scrubbing the same miniatures a dozen times to get off mold release agent! Ehm. Yes but when I get into a funk I try a small project to get me going again. This time I got out some Betrayal at Calth parts and a packet of pure goodness from Conversion World. You may remember the second one from an interview I had with Christian, the creator and owner late last year. So I started to run through some options, using the nice and chunky shoulders and then menacing helmet.

Space marine with a power sword and shield

Sword and board, it is a classic


Space marine with a power maul

Less subtle and more smash


Space marine with an over sized chainsword

Now that is a chainsword

Hmm all good options. But I wanted something more brutal for the character idea I had forming. A veteran of the Horus Heresy, now seeking out whatever challenges he could find to test himself. Maybe a bit of a Bezerker

Space marine using a bloody huge chain axe

Walk softly and carry a big chain axe

Now that is more the look I am going for. Striding forward, ready to cleave the next fool to step up to him in twain. Actually it might work as an Iron Warriors counts as Kharn The Betrayer… well there is another project started.

They even have hands you can change to grip around the weapon. You just heat them up and pop them into position. Well it is a bit more complicated than that, but just go read the tutorial.

7 thoughts on “Conversion World: Too many choices!

  1. Westrider

    A Conversion project is often a good way to restart the hobby mojo. I’ve been getting a similar boost lately from a Slaaneshi Renegade Knight that I started because I couldn’t get motivated to paint anything.

    I think I remember seeing some of those bits, probably in the interview post you did. Really like that mace and the helmet, in particular.

    Also, nice to see that the hands are intended to be repositioned. They look a bit awkward in their as-delivered form.

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Wow a Knight is a helluva distraction piece, well played.

      I love the helmet, they have a non plummed version as well, hoping they add some more heads and shoulders.

      There will be some pictures up when I get the hands on the axe, showing the grip. Not tried the tutorial yet.

      1. Westrider

        I’ve had the idea (and the kit) for the Knight for a while. What really tipped me over into doing it was the realization that it would let me cut like 40 Models off of the list I need to paint for an event in the summer, and since those were precisely the Models I was having trouble motivating myself to paint, it seemed like a win-win solution.

          1. Westrider

            It’s such a great kit. I built two of them more or less stock, back when they first came out, and this time I’m really going to town on it, repositioning legs and such for a much more dynamic pose, as well as adding Chaos imagery in place of the Imperial.

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