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Squaduary Stage 2 – Review and get painting

Welcome to week two of Squadary!   Welcome to week 2! There will be four stages, each taking a week, to this: 1. Assembly: 1st – 7th Taking them off the sprues or putting them on bases, what ever way you get them ready for paint. 2. Basic painting: 8th – 14th This is your basic… Read More »

Squaduary goes live! Stage 1

Welcome to week one of Squadary! This is the first live post for Squaduary and is when all the work begins. It is time to start snipping out those minis, filing of mould lines and washing that resin. This is your last real chance to change your mind on what you are doing, as I… Read More »

Introducing #Squaduary!

+++ Welcome to Squaduary +++ This is the introduction to a little event I am running for February called Squaduary. The aim is to get that box-set you got over all the holidays or the unit you haven’t touched all Winter and get them done. Start the month with an unpainted, or even un-assembled, squad… Read More »