Squaduary goes live! Stage 1

By | 1st February 2017

Welcome to week one of Squadary!

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This is the first live post for Squaduary and is when all the work begins. It is time to start snipping out those minis, filing of mould lines and washing that resin. This is your last real chance to change your mind on what you are doing, as I have done. I am jumping from the Warhammer 30K Imperial Fists back to my Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons; The Scarab Occult. As was wisely pointed out to me by Thor I really should get them painted as I need them to run the Grand Coven. Plus I really don’t like to play with my minis unpainted.

I do apologise for this first post being somewhat dry but everyone is just officially (except for you sneaky folks) starting today.


There will be four stages, each taking a week, to this:

1. Assembly: 1st – 7th
Taking them off the sprues or putting them on bases, what ever way you get them ready for paint.

2. Basic painting: 8th – 14th
This is your basic coating and blocking in colours.

3. Clean up and details: 15th – 21st
Cleaning up your colours and picking out all the bits to make the mini stand out.

4. Basing: 22nd – 28th
Adding the base or just painting it up.

Week 1 will be a fun bit as the below pledges spring from nothing, we should have some wonderful images next week to compliment folks pledges. Please do check out peoples Twitter and blog links below to see their progress. So far we have 29 people listed below, sure I will have missed someone though.

The starting Squaduary pledges!

Marc van Holst from Old School Gaming

A squad of 3 Iron Snakes Centurions. The model count is low but the conversions and paint job required are… strenuous…


Kirsten Williams from Stepping Between Games

I’m in 🙂 A squad of 5 ‘bikers’ for my Sisters army. And of course by bikers I mean Sisters riding giant lizards…
And if I have time, 5 seraphim.


Svartmetall from Stepping Between Games

Pledging in – a squad of 7 very converted Veteran Plague Marines for my ever-growing Death Guard horde…


Mr. Pink from Modern Synthesist

It will be something genestealer cult-y. Either a 5-man squad of converted Metamorphs, or 10-man Acolyte or Neophyte squad.


Spoticus from Fortress Erioch

I am in, look forward to it. A squad of Iron Warriors, and I will go big here – also a squad of Shining Spears!


Turkadactyl from Turkacdactyl

Is Sigmar okay? Focused on some terrain right so some Sylvaneth will be a nice reprieve. The models are assembled and begging to be painted.


Doug from Bare Hand Fishing

Very cool, and please count me in. I pledge to paint a squad of Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids that are sitting in the box and begging to serve the Emperador de muchos brazos.


Repentant Unforgiven from Dragons Eye Miniatures

Will try and get my Haqqislam starter set for Infinity the Game done and email it over.


Joe B from Broken Paintbrush

Very exciting Rory! I already pledged my Ork Blood Bowl team on Twitter but figured I would make it official on here as well. Thinking about purple theme.


D Power from Alone With a Dream

Yes please! I think I’ll pledge a 7-man command flokk of my own chapter. Most will be made from the old warriors of chaos and some prospero bits; it’s high time the Sagodjur grew their ranks!


Von from Kaptian Von

I’m in. Either the Goth gang for Wild in the Streets or my Frostgrave Gnolls, depends how much fur I feel like painting.


NafNaf from Objective Secured

Cracking idea! I pledge 5 Scourge for La Danse Macabre. They are loooong overdue for a paint job, and I use them almost all the time on the tabletop, so they really do need some paint on them. I skip stage one as they are already converted, so I will crack straight on with the painting. Who knows, I might even manage to get them finished by the end 😀


Thor from Creative Twilight

I’ll jump in. I figure I’ll have at least 3 Blood Bowl dudes who won’t be done by the end of this month, so something to work on in February.


Pluckylass from Stepping Between Games

Tzangors! (More Tzeentch, yah! – Rory)


Marcus Sebeca from Stepping Between Games

Raven Guard terminators, as Shrike needs someone to clean up after him and his assault squads.


Mo from Stepping Between Games

Six man Tau Stealthsuit team.


Pluckylad from Stepping Between Games

Repentia Sisters.


Dave Mary from 262 Death Korps

I’ll pledge a squad of veteran Deathwatch to travel in the drop pod I recently completed… Great challenge idea!


FettFace from Back on the Battlewagon

I’ve got a squad of 5 Iron Warrior Raptors that I’ll try and get finished.
(Full disclosure, I actually built these last weekend, but its been too cold to undercoat anything since then!)


Corrm from St. Andrews Wargaming

I’m in! Got 10 more Deathwatch Veterans to get painted up next month anyway.


Six Plus from Six Plus Painting

I’ve got a squad of Space Wolves tartaros terminators from the Prospero boxset planned


Clyde from Mastodontica

May I join with 10 space marines? Own chapter. Atlantidas


Kroff from Stepping Between Games

A squad of genestealer cult acolytes.


Andrew Franke from The Unknown

I need a #Squaduary to finish my U.S. Army’44 Infantry boxed set. Pledged U.S. Army ’44 Boxed Set. Wargames Factory 28mm
Challenge Accepted!


Captain Leadfoot from Stepping Between Games

Ten man veteran Imperial Guard squad, his own take on the Special Ops I did for him.


Pledges from Twitter

Max from Twitter

I may be interested into Squadary, with a salamander squad.


Andrew from Twitter

I’m in! Going to do 10 World Eaters assault marines!


Craig from Twitter

I’m on board… I’ll aim to tackle the rest of the marines from my Death Masque set.


Vampire Duke from Twitter

Vampire Blood Bowl team.


17 thoughts on “Squaduary goes live! Stage 1

  1. Thor

    I’ve got to get shots. I’ll also be way ahead of schedule too. I’m hoping to have them done by next week. Wife will be out of town, so I’ll have no excuses.

  2. Joe B

    Great turnout Rory! Looking forward to everyone’s progress. I am totally one of those sneaky gits as my team is already assembled and I painted one of the Orks the other night to get a feel for the colors. 😎 But between them and the stompa I’ll be busy this month

    1. Rory

      As long as people get something out of the event I will be happy. More painted minis all around is good.

    1. Rory

      Of course we can. What do you want to pledge and I can add you to next weeks list? There is a section for folks only just joining so you aren’t alone.

      1. Blazmo

        Wow, thanks for getting back to me so fast! I’m pledging to finish a 10 man converted Planetary Defence Force squad for use in games of Inquisitor (28mm).

        1. Rory

          You happened to just catch me when I was logging into today, good timing.
          You are on the list!

  3. Turkadactyl

    I stayed up later than I should have the last two nights. Tree Revenants are almost done. Stuck on what I want to do with the hair right now. I’ll add 3 Kurnoth Hunters to the pledge.

  4. Marc van Holst

    Would you like us to email a progress photo after each milestone? I’m happy for you to use shots from my Squaduary posts if that is easier.

  5. Siph

    Rory, I am late to the party, but pledge the remaining 8 members of my now 32mm based RTB01 Marines! They’ve been sitting around since before Sept last year! Well, truthfully, since about 1988…

      1. Siph

        Yes mate, pic going up Monday for you to steal if needed 😉 I love these motivation drives, help me focus my hobby butterfly!


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