Review: Evil Craft Sorcerer

By | 21st March 2017

+++ Evil Craft Sorcerer +++

So Evil Craft have sent me some samples to review and I am just in love with the detail on them. First to be reviewed is the sorcerer model.

Evil Craft Sorcerer

Evil Craft Sorcerer

This is only a sample of the options available for the model, but I want to try and replicate Iskandor Khayon. I have previously made Khayon but I felt he lacked the detail that would be needed for one of Abaddons chief lieutenants. Up until the great Thousand Sons recent release the Chaos range was using worn, old moulds for the sculpts which lacked good edge definition. Evil Craft are not having that problem at all.

Evil Craft sorcerer

The resin was great to work with, very little flash or bends. Some minor issues with the attachment points to the sprue but that only resulted in about a minutes filing for the whole model.

I think this shot really shows off some of the detail on the model, just look at that backpack. It actually comes in three pieces and all, both sets of side vents are attached on. Even the book on his hip has two fully realised sides to it. I chose the screaming face over the runes on the other side, I felt it fit Khayon better.

It is worth noting that while this model came with a nice little scenic base it is 25mm base. I have it sitting in a 32mm adapter, which I like to use on my standout characters. I have been debating back and forth about adding the cloak under the backpack.

All the parts you get in the kit

All the parts you get in the kit

As you can see there are a lot of pieces to play around with, 27 in total, and I love that sort of choice.

If you want to check him out in their store click here. I will be doing a review of the basic marines they have soon, who ultimately look like Chosen of the Black Legion. It will a nice little bodyguard for him.

  • The model looks great. Nice and clean detail. Love to see him painted up.

    • He is on my to-do list, sadly that is quite a long list.

      The troops are just as good. Thinking about making them into plasma totting Chosen to escort him.

      • Turkadactyl

        To-do lists never seem to get shorter do they. Looking forward to seeing some painting updates.

  • I’m always torn on the EvilCraft stuff. They look fantastic, but I hate working with resin, and once I start adding up the price for more than maybe a couple of Characters, it starts getting really expensive.

    • Yeah that is the trade off for sure. I must admit since these were samples i hadn’t even looked at the prices. It would be pricey to do a full army of them.

      For me so far though this resin handles very much like a plastic, none of the usual problems.

      • The number one problem I have with resin is not being able to use plastic cement, so even really good resin products kinda turn me off. That is good to know, tho.

        • Ah yes I get that, polycement is wonderful stuff.

  • It’s impressive that a resin kit comes with that many choices, and all of them look amazing. .

    • If you ever go Chaos it is worth the investment.

  • Spoticus

    Thanks for the review there, I was not aware of that site.

    • It is well worth a look, but mainly for Chaos.