Converting Yncarne into Cegorach – Finished

By | 8th July 2017

The Laughing God – Yncarne

All done for now, I might try some Eldar runes on his cloak when I get a new brush and my eyes are less wrecked! I will do all the bases together when the troupe is done… 🙂

Check here for the first post and here for the second.

Yncrane conversion 1

I have however broken one of my rules of army painting in that I skipped painting my troops before painting my characters as a reward.

Yncrane conversion 2

I must keep my momentum going to appease the pretty laughing god!

Yncrane conversion 3


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  • That is a really refreshing take on it.

  • It looks great. Well done.

  • incredible work! Between the conversion and painting, it really gives a great sense of character.

  • Excellent job!

  • Awesome work! Looks like it’ll fit right in to a harlequin army.

  • Really, really great. Well done.