Converting Yncarne into Cegorach – Paint WiP

By | 5th July 2017

The Laughing God – Yncarne

So the background fluff for my Ynnari force is strongly rooted in the Harlequins and ‘Cegorach’s Return‘! Check here for the first post on this conversion.

Converting Yncarne into Cegorach - Paint WiP

I added the extra masks as there is one of every mask in the troupe, I imagined him switching masks as he takes on different roles or guises in the troupes performances… he being everyone and no-one at the same time.

Converting Yncarne into Cegorach - Paint WiP 2

I picked the extra sword as everyone knows ambidextrous fighters are cool!… I also wanted some straight / angled lines in the model to counter position against all the fluid swirls.

Converting Yncarne into Cegorach - Paint WiP 3

After a chat about dark colours I thought what can I do to lighten the tone of the army with a more twisted joviality (Ying/Yang) theme. Funny / scary… straight lines and curves… swirls and diamonds… dark and light… lots of balance in the miniature now i come to think of it.

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6 thoughts on “Converting Yncarne into Cegorach – Paint WiP

  1. Pinky_the_laughing_god

    Almost finished, just the final highlights and harlequin diamonds to go… 🙂

  2. Westrider

    Looking very nice! The extra masks in the swirl of energy are a great idea. Really gives it a certain something.


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