Converting Yncarne into Cegorach the laughing god

By | 06/28/2017

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Tonight’s magic trick involves turning the ‘Yncarne’ into ‘Cegorach the laughing god’…

So the background fluff for my Ynnari force is strongly rooted in the Harlequins and ‘Cegorach’s Return‘!

The laughing god has pulled a joke of epic scale and convinced the 40K universe that a ‘New!’ Eldar god has been born… the Yncarne is Cegorach, veiled in glamor!

My Ynnari force will be made up of two parts the main bulk of Harlequins and Wraithost (who will be modelled as marionettes with Harlequin puppeteers).

I wanted a centrepiece for the army, an avatar of Cegorach himself leading his gruesome carnival of death! The Yncarne stat line hit all the right notes but didn’t look the part.

I wanted to add a mask and some cloth I could ‘diamond’ up in true Harlequin style. I’ve also ordered a 2nd Yncarne sword that I will be adding to the off hand and some extra ‘masks’ that will be added into the energy swirl.

Colour wise I’m going to echo the colour pallet I’ve started my troupe in, blues, purples, chequers and brass. I’m tempted to go full rainbow on the sweeping hair, that bold scheme may echo back into the main force.

Next conversion I’m planning is ‘Yvraine’ the leading lady in Cegorach’s grand performance!
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13 thoughts on “Converting Yncarne into Cegorach the laughing god

  1. NafNaf

    You sir, are a genius! I would like to steal this idea if I may for my La Danse Macabre project

    1. Pinky_the_laughing_god

      Please do, I’m glad you like it though it is still a WIP… 🙂

  2. D Power

    Nice! I’d have to agree with Thor, simple but very clever.

  3. Pinky_the_laughing_god

    I will make sure I update my WIP over the next week or so as the extra bits arrive.


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