Blood Rage Monsters

By | 27th March 2017

Unleash the Rage

Here we have the five monsters you can summon to help your Vikings in the game Blood Rage, from Cool Mini or Not. I got these as a small commission for a friend and I hope they will add to an already enjoyable game.

Blood Rage is steeped in Viking lore and legend and is a game combining the tactics of deck drafting, territories control, mission completion, strategic placement and combat. The feel of the game is intensely pleasing with great components and impressive miniatures. While it plays  similar to Chaos in the Old World, the gaming experience is unique and the drafting allows an element of asymmetry. 9/10. Would Rage again!

Ragnarok Monster Band

Ragnarok Monster Band

Ice ice baby

First up is the Ice Giant, this figure just came together itself. Layers of blue and white, dry brushing and attempts at blending. By the time I had finished the skin that rock he is about to hurl was mostly blue. Originally I wanted him to be hauling an chunk of ice at people, but it didn’t stand out enough. So a rock went in!

Ice to meet you

Ice to meet you

Bring the fire

In contrast to the Ice Giant we have the Fire Giant. I wanted it to have a lot of matching tones, showing the fire burning within.

Flame on

Flame on

From the deep

The only thing said to me by the client was they wanted the Sea Serpent to be emerging from a dark sea. Which I think I managed to catch pretty well, complete with foam. The serpent itself I had very pale, very little light in the depths. To contrast that when it’s mouth opens to horror begins.

Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent


This mini was a pain to paint. As all these models come in one piece, including the base, it meant getting to the detail behind the hammer was a horror. But in the end I am happy with how it worked out, all bruised and battered.


Bad wolf

This one is the big fella, he can literally change the game as he moves Ragnarok around the board. I am quite proud of how he came out, from the glowing eyes to the mystical rune he stands on.

The Wolf Fenir

The Wolf Fenir

The Wolf Fenir on his rune

The Wolf Fenir on his rune

What do you think folks?

Something non-40K to paint was a nice break that I can recommend to anyone suffering burn out.

  • Good. Love the wolf. And great advice. Change your painting table to rest.

    • Cheers Cylde. Hopefully the advice will help folks.

  • What, no Lordi reference? 😉

    In all seriousness, tho, those look sweet, dude. Good work!

    • Haha cheers, that will be stuck in my head for ages now.

      Cheers man, I think they are a tidy little group.

  • Nice work. I really like how the serpent came out. Convincing water and great contrast on the mouth.

  • I hadn’t heard of this game before, but the minis are spectacular. Great job on painting them, I like the frost and fire giants, they look exactly the part.

    • It is a great game, three player it is wonderful but four or five it shines!

      Glad you like the respective giants.

  • Turkadactyl

    A nice range of miniatures to try different blends.