Anvil Industries Trench Fighters – Kill Team 1

By | 28th May 2017

Time to enter the Shadow War of Armageddon! Since this game came out I have spent for too much time creating lists for it. But with Anvil Industry I finally had a chance to build a list I wanted for it, see the end of the post for the list itself. I wanted a mob of insane Guardsmen, a bit of a dirty dozen vibe (or rather dirty 9).

Recon Team Wolfbear

Recon Team Wolfbear


Enter Anvil’s Trench Fighters line and oh what fun they are to play with. Full disclosure on this, I got sent a set of ten to review and so this is also a review. These models have some great character to themselves and could easily see a full army out of them. The models came with very little flash and what little there was could be rubbed off with a finger.

The one thing the set was missing for me was close combat weapons, but that was just the sample I was sent. So Sargeant Borris here has a chainsword with a quick handle I improvised after removing someone elses hand. It was a bit of an odd choice, I think, to go with slotta bases but we will see how well they get covered up during painting.

Everything when together smoothly for me and I got to play with a variety of options on the sprues. Including spare shotgun ammo, which helped fix up the rather blank area across the back of the models. I loved the metal banner piece, so much easier to avoid bending it.

After spotting the arm throwing the old stick grenade I had to include one, and pay the costs for it and all. But these four models form the core of the kill team, I like the solid look of them. The arms mostly come in the traditonal gun across chest look but as you can see from these you have a fair amount to play with.

This fella is the designated sniper of the group, to help him stand out I useda completly different variation head and thermal scope. I then extended his rifle with a piece of carefully snipped sprue.

Now for the actual squad write up. It has 35 points to spare that I need to figure out but I am pretty happy with it so far. The Sargeant and a shotgun veteran split off into one team and the other two shotgun vets go the other way. The lasgunners move in two man teams and the sniper covers every one.

Recon Team Wolfbear — Astra Militarum — 965 points

Veteran Sergeant — Carapace armour (20), Chainsword (25), Shotgun (20)

Special Weapons Operative — Camo gear (5), Sniper rifle (40), Red-dot laser sight (20), Weapon reload (20)

Veteran Guardsman — Shotgun (20)

Veteran Guardsman — Shotgun (20)

Veteran Guardsman — Shotgun (20)

Guardsman — Lasgun (25), Hotshot laser power pack (15), Frag grenades (25)

Guardsman — Lasgun (25), Hotshot laser power pack (15)

Guardsman — Lasgun (25), Hotshot laser power pack (15)

Guardsman — Lasgun (25), Hotshot laser power pack (15)

  • Wow. I’ve used Anvil Industries guns for a Rogue Stars crew, but the miniatures look amazing as well. Great work!

    • Cheers Adam, they have some good pieces for sure.
      I am still tempted to do Alpha Legion with their black ops range.

      • Oh man. That would be sweet!

        • I know right? So tempting.

  • Those are some great looking models. I love the dynamic posing on them, and the quality looks good. Perfect for a kill team.

    • The quality is good for sure. Nothing brittle or bent in the stuff I got.

      Always tricky to make a selection of models look like individuals and unified.

      • I’ll have to check them out.

  • Anvil has a great line of bits, but their miniatures are also a nice purchase.

    • Yeah it is becoming my go to site for interesting bits.

  • Blazmo

    I actually really like Anvil’s slotta bases. They take up the whole gap, so a bit of sand over the top is all you need to blend them in. None of that endless filling that you have to do with some of them.

    If anyone missed it, I did a pretty in depth review of the range with some painted examples:

    • I would have just prefered them move away from slotta bases altogether for preference. But they are not the worst for sure.

  • Those look great! I like that they’re not 100% aping the DKoK or Steel Legion models, but similar enough you could either use them for that or say they’re from another place. Great variety of poses and bits, too.

    You should try to build them in a digital sheet and keep track of their progress. It’s a fun website to play around with, and cool stuff like campaign mode (to link them to your friends’ KTs) make it super useful as a gaming aid.

    • Yeah they are some really nice bits and that is just the ones I had. I drool over that site quite often.
      The spec ops range in particular is pushing me for an Alpha Legion squad one off.

      That is the best way to make up teams I have found so far. Now I just need to enter a campaign.