8th Edition base sizes

By | 05/24/2017

I saw this crop up in the comments yesterday here and elsewhere so our resident spy, Dessie, went back in for a closer look. Armed with charm, ego and a measuring tape they took these pics:

48mm for the Death Guard lord in termintor armour.

38mm for the Primaris Captain in fancy new armour.

Well that puts that question to rest at least. Four more weeks!

7 thoughts on “8th Edition base sizes

  1. Westrider

    So, nominal 50mm and 40mm respectively, I assume, rather than some slightly different new standard.

      1. Westrider

        They’ve always been a little off. A buddy of mine was making his own bases a while ago, and wanted to be sure that they were the right size, so he measured a bunch super carefully, and found that there’s actually a couple of mm of variation in the actual sizes of a given nominal base size. I really have no idea how that might end up happening, but apparently it’s the case.

  2. Joash Tang

    Are the new Plague Marines snap-fit as well?


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