Ynnari – WiP of Cegorach’s Return

By | 07/26/2017

So the background fluff for my Ynnari force is strongly rooted in the Harlequins and ‘Cegorach’s Return‘! The laughing god has pulled a joke of epic scale and convinced the 40K universe that a ‘New!’ Eldar god has been born… the Yncarne is Cegorach, veiled in glamor!

My Ynnari force will be made up of two parts the main bulk of Harlequins and Wraithost (who will be modelled as marionettes with Harlequin puppeteers).

So in this post we have both the leading lady and the first, and biggest of the marionettes.

Past me: “ah midnight I suppose I’d better go to bed, oh look an old WFB large blast template… I won’t be needing that any more.”

01:00 me: …

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2 thoughts on “Ynnari – WiP of Cegorach’s Return

  1. Thor

    The army is looking great. I really like the pose on the Wraithknight. Awesome sense of movement there.


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