Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 29: More Havoc!

By | 01/06/2016
More paint this time, less click bait. Although that post really was astounding for the traffic, it is an expriment I am done with. Back to toy soliders with overly large weapons. Ehm.

As you can see from the pictures even I though the gun was crazy sized and cut ti down. As my brother has stated this is the carbine version for sure. What follows are various pictures going through the paint phase of a couple of hours. I know I paint slow, I am no Mordian (really go check his blog).

This is the model as it stands, with on of the Rubicae in the backgronud that I used to keep the painting style in check. Like the rest of my models it will look grand on the table top at least.  Plenty still to do on this model but it can wait, my Daemon Prince is calling. Quite happy with the little symbol on his shoulder I hope to do something similar with the rest of the squad.
Remember Tzeentch knows all the unpainted models you have…

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