Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 22: Hellbrutes are coming

By | 09/02/2015
I finally got some time to get some half decent pictures of the models I have been doing up recently. For a long time I have had two Hellbrutes under coated with blue armour pieces done up on them. But inspiration struck and I surged forward with them. You can tell me how successful I was with it.
This is just the basic Dark Vengeance Hellbrute, nothing strange or startling. The only thing I added was a piece of slate to the base. I stuck with the basic colour scheme of blue and gold for the armour and using the neon green for my spot colours on eyes. Although I didn’t want the ruined face of the corpse pilot to glow at all.

I tried m best with doing some blending on both the skin and the multi melta barrel. Not sure how well either really went but from tabletop view they look nice enough. I am quite pleased I managed to keep the skin colour throughout.
Some of the details on the back showing the spine pushing through and various horned spikes.
Quite happy with how the base worked out but I need some more of my red alien bushes to tie it into the rest of the army. The spot of colour I think will work quite well to brighten it up as well. Also I actually managed to get the paint to crack into broken earth correctly for once.
I am rather fond of the tentacles and chains, I spent longer on getting them right. Nothing clever on them but I wanted them consistant.
My latest Gundam for size. I really do enjoy making them. If only GW made model kits that good!
Remember Tzeentch is keeping a list and checking it twice!

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