Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 17: More Basing and Distractions.

By | 07/17/2015
OK I haven’t been totally slacking off here but I am posting a few bits and pieces showing the work I have been doing on the bases for my Thousand Sons. I have gone for a very dry cracked desert feeling to the bases. I love the image of Thousand Sons rising up out of the dirt and sand amd advancing forward without pause. Seriously folks check out the Ahirman trilogy of books, they are very good; even if we have to wait for the third one.
First up is the raised cork tile bases I am trying out. First time I have done something like this so I went fairly simple. Hit it with a base coat, highlighted the edges, adding some foilage and rocks. Not ground breaking, pardon the pun, but it is a start.

This is a terrible picture trying to show the grit I put on the basic Rubicaes.
Better shot of the above effect with Ahriman’s much larger base. The bigger bases really do a lot more room to play around with. I wasn’t sure about the red foliage at first but I thin kit ties in pretty well.
Another example in the look I was going for. I will have to go over a few spots were the base is showing through but honestly that worked out better than expected. The flash makes the rest of the marines look like trash though…
This gu is the reason I lost so mcuh time lately. Just a beautiful kit to put together. It is called a Shin Musha Gundam, master grade kit. Stands about 9 – 10 inches tall and all. Goes together a 100% without glue with full movement. GW has a lot to learn.
Well that is all until next time folks, take care and remember Tzeentch Never Sleeps.

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