Tide of Traitors – Chaos Cultists finished

By | 05/24/2021

My Chaos cultists are done, but the question is will I ever learn not to batch paint? Most likely I will keep doing this, no matter how many times I burn out trying to get a project done. With 30 of these done I have to choice of running three units of 10 or one giant unit of 30. A large unit like would bodyguard my Chaos Lord who could use a warlord trait to make them immune to leadership tests.

Chaos cultists are not something I have ever used but it was about time I got some to add to my Iron Warrior’s. I started off with the usual set from Dark Vengeance, a solid set of 20. That didn’t seem like a Tide of Traitors to me. So I got myself a set of the cultists from Blackstone Fortress, the Cultists of the Abyss, and added the generic set of five.

First up are the set from the Cultists of the Abyss, which are wonderful with the variety of poses. At the same time they blend it well with all the other more generic Chaos Cultists.

Blackstone fortress chaos cultists

The Blackstone Fortress cultists

I had to restrain myself from making too many conversions with the basic models. As much as I didn’t want them to all look alike I had to resign myself to them only being 5 points of objective holder each. With any duplicates being split through the squads it won’t look too bad.

chaos cultists

Regular cultists

With them all mobbing together it looks a lot more like the horde of bolter folder I was aiming for in part 1. Over all I think I put just enough effort into these to justify their battlefield role. They are not something that truly inspires me to paint. So I will stick with saving my hobby energy for things that get some keen building in me. More of that in my next posts.

all the chaos cultists

One big happy family

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