The brothers three, Primarchs all.

By | 10/20/2017

What a show down that would be…

I realised I had never seen a picture of the three of them so I wandered into my local GW (Dublin). They were happy to take them out of display cabinets for a family reunion. Hard to think the little blue one in the middle could take either of the other two in a punch up.

The staffer let slip the next Primarch is due to be a World Eater, Angron himself. Take that with whatever salt you want as he was also talking about new plastic Khorne Bezerkers.

Take care.

10 thoughts on “The brothers three, Primarchs all.

  1. Doug

    It will be interesting to watch the family circle grow, for sure.

  2. Thor

    Angron has been rumored for a while, so not too shocking there.

      1. Thor

        If he’s not bulkier than Magnus then I’ll be annoyed.

          1. Thor

            Bigger, sure, but I want to see tree trunks for arms on Angron.

  3. Westrider

    Enough of our group have one or more of them that we might actually end up with all three on the table at once at some point 😉

    I would have thought another Loyalist would be next, but we’ll see.


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