Rise of the Necrons – Army Showcase

By | 11/17/2021

While I have been absent on the site my own personal Necron Tomb World has not been. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will see I have been working away on this force. I now have enough of it done to field a decent force, as such it needs to be shown off.

The one* thing missing from the group picture is the Shard of the Void Dragon I have been painting. That is because it is currently being shown to my followers on Patreon. I will present it over here as well, when I finish it.

Necron army

The full army, so far. That is a lot of Necrons, with more on the way.


Necron lord and Royal Warden

The standard Lord who comes with the Indomitus set is fine, but I never found it as interesting as the Royal Warden. I ended up with two Wardens, so one needed to be converted. Not quite sure what I came up with here, but it could stand in for a few different Necron HQs. A simple conversion removing the relic blaster (which got used on the Hexmark instead) and combining some Gauss Flayers.

Necron Skorpekh Destroyers

My favourite piece is the Hexmark Destroyer, who I converted from a Skorpekh Destroyer. Essentially a unit of six Skorpekh isn’t that useful compared to five and I love the idea of the Hexmark. Since I was then left with a spare Skorpekh I figured it was time to create a gun-slinging head hunter for my Necron Lord. I have added some Necron skull plates around the Hexmark’s waist to show the recent victims. If a thralls programming goes astray, this is how they are dealt with.

Necron Hexmark Destroyer conversion

Hexmark Destroyer Conversion


Necron warriors with Gauss Reaper

10 with Gauss Reapers

I really like how my troops turned out. The basic warrior, to me, is nothing more than a zombie with a gun. As far as I know in the lore they were the common people, before everyone got turned into robot killing machines. To buy into this theme I removed the right arm and placed the gun onto a cut off piece from a sprue. This both formed a handy mount for the weapon but also gave an almost lob sided look to the models, metal zombies. The true backbone of the Necrons!

Necron warriors with Gauss Flayer

23 with Gauss Flayers

*Oops I also missed the 6 bases of Scarabs.

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    Sweet looking army there. Congrats on the results.


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