Iron Warriors Funko Pop Marine – WiP

By | 08/22/2019

I could only resist for so long before I picked up my own Funko Pop Marine. Over the weekend my will power broke and I grabbed one at Worldcon 2019. The only problem being it was some weak willed follower of the corpse god. No Ultramarines for me. While they have gotten some new rules in Warhammer 40K I cannot find it in me to leave the paint job as is.

Plus we all know I am a fan of Iron Warriors. So:

Iron Warriors Funko Pop wip 1

From Ultramarine to Iron Warrior

A quick black spray and some directed gunmetal rattlecan and I was half way there.

So far I have only thrown on a few paints the first pass of the yellow but it is starting to look worthy of Perturabo and the IVth Legion.

Iron Warriors Funko Pop size against 28mm marine

Iron Warriors Funko Pop wip 5

4 thoughts on “Iron Warriors Funko Pop Marine – WiP

  1. WestRider

    Ha! Awesome! The one I got is still a Blood Angel, but a re-paint as an Alpha Legion or Night Lords Raptor could be a lot of fun. You should do a base for him, tho. They fall over way too easily out of the box.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Night Lord’s raptor would look great. Plenty of surface area for lighting.

  2. Da Masta Cheef

    This reminds me, I still need to repaint mine to use as an honored ‘Impeerweeum’ terrain piece…

  3. Thor

    That’s awesome and well done. I see you did a lense effect there – good work. The light placement is spot on – no pun intended.


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