The Thousand Tasks: Painting Orks – Ghazghkull Thraka

By | 5th March 2017

+++ Painting Orks +++

So after the success and stress of Squaduary I felt I needed to do something a little different. Change up the hobby pallette for a bit, leave the power armour behind. Indeed I went way back for a model to paint up, two and a half decades ago. Time to get painting orks…

May I present the Prophet of the Waaaagh! himself: Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka!

Original Ghazghkull Thraka and Black Reach warboss

Original Ghazghkull Thraka and Black Reach warboss

I have him in here beside my Black Reach Warboss, just to show the size difference. Back in ’92 this was the biggest Ork you could get and it feels it. That bad boy is metal. There is something to feeling the weight of a model in your hand like that.

Ghazghkull Thraka back

Now I am only a couple of hours into painting this fella but I am really enjoying it. Lots still to do, thinking of trying the black and white cheque pattern across the shoulder pads.

As you can see I gave him a little boost up with two layers of cork board to create some extra height. This also helps to disguise the miniatures slotta base, as I could not bring myself to snip it off. Do you think I should add a banner pole as well?

I have a small collection of Orks I will be assembling to a 1000 point force, for fun multiplayer games. So far I have about 10 nobs, 25 boys and 6 Deffkoptas. It is a small start, buy every Waaaagh starts somewhere. Down the line I would love a few options, but time will tell.

  • I still need to ship you the care package with orks in it! I’ll get to it soon!

    • Do ye need some funds for shipping is it?
      What do you think of Ghaz so far? I checked my local GW to try compare him to the new model but they didn’t have one done.

      • Nah, just need to get going on it! Ghazzy is looking good. I do think he could use a bit brighter highlight on the skin, followed by possibly a green or watered down brown wash to add some contrast in the creases. (Skin looks a tad flat in the photo, but could also be the photo).

        • It isn’t well highlighted yet for sure, but also the old mini doesn’t have as many raised surfaces. I may need to add some false highlights myself.


  • That’s great. I love seeing old models revived and used in games. I have a fair share myself that I use. The painting is looking solid as well.

    • It is starting to get there for. I still want to find a way to make him pop a little more.

      • I’d definitely do a bosspole/banner on him, and the checker pattern would work as well; say on one shoulder.

        • Telhe one shoulder might work. I was thinking of planing a banner in ground behind him and have some helmets and such as tribute in front of him.

  • Looking good Rory, and welcome to the Waagggh!!! That is a crazy old mini bit you are off to a great start on him.

    • Cheers Joe, slow start but I will get there.

  • Von

    He had a banner pole back in the day. Definitely add one.

    This was the first metal model I ever painted, you know… and the first I ruined with a cack-handed attempt at those checks.

    • I picked up him and a squad of 12 boyz yesterday to move them, they weighed about the same.

      Going to try source/make a banner pole so!

  • James

    Good on you. It’s nice to change the painting up every now and then. I would love an Ork army but I can’t stomach painting that many models! Too many with my guard as it is. Looking good as usual though Rory.

    • Cheers man. I am limiting myself to 1000 points.

      Got any full army pics of your guard?

      • James

        Weirdly I don’t think I have. There are loads of unit pics on our blog on the Emperors Feth page but not full army. I’ll have to remedy that! What about you? Have you any full army pics of your many armies?

        • I only have the one army really, the Thousand Sons, the others are all much further back. But I do need to take some new pictures for sure.