Review: ML Shields – Lasercut Candies 

By | 20th February 2017

Custom engraved shields

So I will come right out and say it ML Shields – Lasercut Candies and myself have been chatting on Facebook about reviewing some of his work. I have been a fan of his stuff for a while now so I asked him to send me along a few pieces from his “Black Fists” range to have a look over. Below will be an honest review of them as I see them, this may not work for everyone putting out reviews but I think it is for the best.

Some samples of the custom shields applied to figures.

Some samples of the custom shields applied to figures.

Above you can see a couple of models were I have taken two of shields and popped them on miniatures to test the look. Both of these shields had a spray of white and then a single wash of Cassandor Yellow from GW. I would have liked to get more but Squaduary is tying up a lot of time. As you can see the breacher shield looks pretty close to the originals. As for the terminator shield I am back and forth on the size of it, I do think it looks a little over sized but then terminators are meant to be larger than life as is. I might have to full paint up on to see for sure.

Round custom shields.

For these round shields I love the details and easy on the eye look of them. Not too fussy or overly complicated. The problem with these are the sheer size. They are as tall as the breacher shield shown in the first picture there, which translates to as wide as tall. Meaning they dwarf even Horus Heresy slightly bigger scale marines. Which is a shame as I had wanted to try them on Templar Sword Breathen to run with Sigismund. Edit: Just been pointed out to me the round ones are for terminators. That makes much more sense.

Legion specific custom shields for breachers.

Legion specific custom shields for breachers.

Here we can see the side by the with the base coated mini versus one with some simple colour, both above and below. The shields themselves take paint well and have lots of little details to paint up, as many as you want really. You see ML Shields offers a customising service, so you can get your shields, vehicles doors and such to have exactly what you like on them. Drop him a message on his Facebook for a chat.

Legion specific custom shields for Terminators.

Legion specific custom shields for Terminators.


Legion specific vehicle armour plates.

Legion specific vehicle armour plates.

Last up we have some of the vehicle hatches I got sent, these two in particular will be making there way onto a landraider. But there are also options for Rhino roof and door plates. The vehicle plates were the only ones I noticed a slight defect in, a touch of warping. It was easily fixed with a bit of heat but worth mentioning.


I recommend downloading the catalogue and having a look through it and if nothing appeals I would be surprised, plus there is always the custom option. Most Legions are already in there and plenty more to come it seems and he doesn’t seem to be slowing production.

  • The resolution looks a bit low on them. Have you thought about using a putty or some Liquid Green Stuff to even out the texture a bit?

    • thousandeyes

      If they look rough in the pictures that may be the zoomed in look. In hand they do look a lot smoother.

      But as this was a review I just wanted to put them up with out any modifications.

    • As it was a review I didnt want to alter the pieces apart from some paint.
      Other side of it may be the zoomed in views showing things that wouldn’t be viewable in hand.

      • Could be. I’m sure we’ll see more of them when they’re fully painted. Either way you don’t seem to think it’s bad so it must be the photography making it look worse.

  • They look great. Think they are great in order to do your chapter different from others

    • They are pretty handy for sure.

  • Very cool. I think these are crazy awesome for a tabletop gaming force. For a display or comp, you’d have to do something about that texture (unless you worked it into the piece!).

    • I agree the shields don’t work for display, at least partially because the otherside is totally smooth. But as an alternative to some of the FW bits? Yeah they can work.

  • Nice review.

    I’m with Tibbs in that they look a bit rough. The details looks great, but it’s not very smooth.

    • Fair assessment.