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  • Being daemonic is great for the physique as well 🙂

    • The ability to change shape at will is handy.

  • Love scale shots. Thanks Rory!

    • thousandeyes

      Delighted to have seen them together in the same cabinet and the staff were nice enough to let me take them out.

    • I was glad the staff let me take them out of the display cabinets. Annoued I forgot to bring my own one.

  • Hex

    Tzeentch says get swole.

    • thousandeyes

      Does he even lift?

    • Von

      He may be a magic nerd but he’s no couch potato.

  • Benderisgreat

    Has anyone compared him to other versions of Roboute yet? I know there are at least 2 3rd party ones in addition to FW and the new “ugly tzeentch scrawl” one.

    • Not that I have seen yet.

  • D Power

    Someone was eager to get him on the table. Any idea how he compares to a Kastelian?

    • Store model, so they need to display him on day of release.

  • Todd Sherman

    Wow.. I never realized the Magnus model was so damn big!

    • Looks a knight in the eye.

      • Todd Sherman


  • Turkadactyl

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these two side by side at my local. Magnus certainly didn’t skip out on growth hormone day.

    • I can’t wait to have the two face off.

  • Von

    He always was a big lad.

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