Primarch size comparison: Roboute Guilliman vs Magnus the Red

By | 03/09/2017
Primarch size comparison

Brothers face off

Picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Magnus has not been slacking in the gym during the last 10,000 years.

Now we just need someone to get them to face off in a battle.

(Photo taken in my local GW)


19 thoughts on “Primarch size comparison: Roboute Guilliman vs Magnus the Red

  1. Thor

    Being daemonic is great for the physique as well 🙂

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Delighted to have seen them together in the same cabinet and the staff were nice enough to let me take them out.

    2. Rory

      I was glad the staff let me take them out of the display cabinets. Annoued I forgot to bring my own one.

  2. Benderisgreat

    Has anyone compared him to other versions of Roboute yet? I know there are at least 2 3rd party ones in addition to FW and the new “ugly tzeentch scrawl” one.

  3. D Power

    Someone was eager to get him on the table. Any idea how he compares to a Kastelian?

    1. Rory

      Store model, so they need to display him on day of release.

  4. Todd Sherman

    Wow.. I never realized the Magnus model was so damn big!

  5. Turkadactyl

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these two side by side at my local. Magnus certainly didn’t skip out on growth hormone day.


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