New 8th Edition 40k models size comparison 

By | 23rd May 2017

So thanks to a cunning spy, Dessie, I have a lovely picture to show that lets is know exactly the size differences in the new box for 8th edition set compared to the current minis:

(I have been in Disneyland this week so haven’t been updating much)
  • Siph

    Lovely, thx

    • You are welcome.

  • Hell’s Bells, there a bit big!

    • I get the feeling that the AoS scale is going to get slowly introduced to 40K.

      • I hope not. 🙁

      • Sadly, I think you’re right mate…..hopefully they’ll forget all about Noise Marines and concentrate on Khorne 😉

      • gits2

        I hope not–what was the point of scaling up the marines if you’re going to just negate their towering presence by making everything else rise to their level?

        • Fair point, and hopefully I’m wrong. It would require redoing every model in their line, so they may just be doing it where they can get away with it, like new Marines on both sides.

        • nickdrumsalot

          I love the AoS model line. Are normal men as towering as Stormcasts? It seems like the new Primaris line will allow more cross over between Stormcasts and Marine armies

          • narceron

            I like the new marines, they do look like stormcast, but I also like the stormcast, 🙂

    • Just a touch. I like to imagine they will be expensive points wise and all. So that should limit the amount of them on the board.

  • The basic Marine just looks so out of place now.

    • It looks like Imperial Guard next to them. Still not sure how I feel about ’em.

    • This could be the straw that breaks the camels back for me 🙁

      • The scale of the Marines? Not a fan I take it?

        • Not at all. I don’t like the AoS scale (and the background behind them is terrible) and I think that the new Plague Marines look like a lump of blu-tac that has fallen into a bits box.

          • I’m not sure what I think of the Plague Marines. I know what you’re saying, and I feel they could have done better with them. I also don’t think they’re terrible, just not great.

  • Max Mcdougall

    Do you know the base sizes for the Miniatures in the set?

    • Derek McAllister

      I didn’t measure whilst I was there, but I think it’s bigger than a normal terminator base, and smaller than a dreadnought.
      I’d guess at a 50mm base for the Primaris Lieutenant, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

  • The basic Marine still looks alright next to the Death Guard to me. I actually do like how the Primaris tower over existing minis, tho.

    • Yeah I think he is the right scale in my eyes. Slightly bloated, without and clean lines and I think it works.

  • D Power

    Funny that the death guard termie seems to be actually going in the right direction scale-wise. Huge and distended, though it seems like GW felt compelled to, because primarines.

    • Well he is meant to be in 10,000 year old cataphrati armour, which I have just murdered the spelling of.

    • Yeah, I don’t mind the scale of the Gurgle marines. I’m cool with a few Marines getting a scale upgrade, to make them stand out and represent new directions in the story, but too much of a good thing… isn’t. I don’t want my old skool marines to start looking like Hobbits. Hell, my 2nd Ed. stuff already looks a bit diminutive. Note: I have murderised more words than Rory to make him feel better 😉

      • So kind to me.