My Hobby List – April

Every now and then I make a list of the bits and pieces I am working on in an attempt to gain some focus. This time it is a little more scattered, which is slightly worrying. Need to hammer down and finish off a few of these things.

The models from Evil Craft and Anvil Industries just keep tempting me to play with them, more of them in future posts.

That doesn’t include some commission work for more Blood Rage monsters, the smaller ones, and all the heroes from Endure The Stars. Lots to do and with all this I am still diatracted by Shadow Wars Armageddon. I am planning a Chaos Alpha legionare with the cultistd he has raised, Orks, Sisters of Battle and these folks…

What is on your list?

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  • I’d start by picking something you don’t really want to do, then reward yourself with something you do want to do!

    • I actually want to do all of them. I jist ended up with things being so scattered due to saying “I will just take a break from this and do x.”

      Time to finish a few out before jumping headlong into new stuff 🙂

  • My List:


    Yep, that’s my list. This is the longest I’ve gone without painting something, and I simply have no motivation to work on anything for 40K.

    • Turkadactyl

      I’ve been there. No sense forcing it.

    • Fair chief. Can’t do everything all the time.

    • Sounds like time to convert up a new Norse team for Blood Bowl 🙂

      • I have to figure out the easiest way to do that. I’d love to work on that team, I just don’t want to drop a ton of money on kits for conversions.

  • Turkadactyl

    GW Inner Circle painting contest. A whole lot of Mechanicus, Triumvarate of the Imperium, Trazyn, Kasrkin, Storm Troopers, Vostroyans. I think I will be taking a break come June.

    • If you can still see through the paint by then! Fair play.

  • Siph Horridus

    My list is too long to type, but I am making a dent in the To-Do pile, not buying any models until I make some good progress, nearest the top are: Necron Warriors, Triarch Stalker, Vargard Obeyron, a Sentinel for my Genestealer Cult and a Culexus Assassin…

    • Putting stuff down in writing has actually helped mine. Even if I have noticed I forgot some…

  • Lists are good 🙂 i have been an avid hobby list builder for many years now.
    I use an app called Trello for my hobby to do lists. It is kinda like a canban board, where you can break things down into building, painting sections etc

    • High on the list are my Scourges for for the much delayed Squadary. I also want to finish all my KOW stuff by end of May the latest, so I can concentrate more on a few selected projects such as La Danse Macabre again

      • Stop teasing me and pretending you will finish those scourges :p

    • I just use an excel spreadsheet. But the idea works

  • Oh I should get in the habbit of doing these too. I haven’t updated my Trello board in a long while, but my list of WIP is way too long. On my painting table though: Dwarf team, Bret Knight and DW marine for painting yellow, stompa, Megaboss, and an INQ28 team… Probably something else hiding back there. I am trying to keep myself commit to finishing this set before working on the next project.

    • If I manage to update this list once a month I will be doing well. Yeah I have noticed stuff I have missed with that list as well.

  • I have been working on all the things at once 😀 :@ On my painting table I have 3 Iron Snakes Centurions, a Battlewagon, 10 Dark Angels Devastator Marines, a Tyranid Warrior kill-team, a 300 pt Infinity army and 4 Ghost Bear Battlemechs. If I work on them all at once, they are sure to be finished in half the time…

    • Not sure that logic really works outside of the warp…


      • Ha ha ha!!! Yeah, squaduary… about that… my 3 Centurions will soon be 6 Centurions including a Standard Bearer and Apothecary conversion. They should be ready by NEXT squaduary 😉

  • Spoticus

    I really think that adding a list like this to a blog monthly can help motivate you. I might try this. Your list seems daunting. Good luck with it and I look forward to seeing your progress!

    My list this upcoming week will be a squad of Iron Warriors and a Tyranid Haruspex, as well as a few leftover Horrors of Tzeentch.

    • What would be horrifying is putting it all in one picture!

      Nice little mix you have going there.

  • I keep tabs of what I’m supposed to be doing on a Painter’s Pledge page. It’s ver-r-r-r-r-r-y long. However, it means I can jump into any number of projects when the time and motivation allows.

    • That is the trick and the reason why mine is so scattered, motivation for projects can bounce all over the place.

  • My list is easy: Space marines, eldars, Space Marines, something else, and then repeat the list. unless a challenge is on the way

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