Iron Havocs – Completed

By | 6th April 2017

+++ Iron Havocs completed +++

So I moved from a work in progress to a full squad pretty quickly, I really liked the look of them. After putting together the models I gave them a quick spray with Army Painter Gun metal spray… which destroyed all detail on them. I have never used the Army Painter spray before, so maybe I needed to shake it more but suffice to say I was pretty distraught. 

This is the squad after a 24 soak in window cleaner, which worked rather well. The paint on the models came off pretty easily with even a scrap of a fingernail, then I went over it a toothbrush. 

Then it was time for another coat. This time I did two thin layers of black, channelling Duncan, and then the Gun Metal. I shook the hell out of the cans this time and all. They are not perfect but the Iron Warrior’s can look a little rough.

Pretty much finished by this stage, not the most elaborate paint jobs but I plan on keeping them plain. I will be trying to add decals to these though. Mainly thanks to Jimmy from Eye of Terror who is sending me some. I did a test with some Mirco Sol and Set. Tricky stuff.

So this is where they stand at the moment. What do you think folks?

  • Iron Within! I’m glad you were able to save them. The silver spray worked really well. It was the gold trim that killed me when painting my Iron Warriors. Yours looks really nice.

    • Cheers Joe. Because it was basically only the shoulders that needed the trim I was pretty messy putting it on. Then I went back with the black and neatened everything up.

  • Great work. I like the slightly “dirtier” aesthetic you have gone for.

    • “In war there is no time for parades, only the rentless pursuit of victory” – some Iron Havok, maybe. 😉

  • Definitely a nice save, and I like how they turned out. They look ready to spew out some hot, daemonic lead.

    • All about the pew pew laser beams these ones.

  • I have never used any colored primer. I don’t have anything that’s solidly one color, but it makes sense for these guys. The scheme may be simple but it works, and they look great.

    • I was much the same until I moved onto these. I am aiming for a good luck on the table and that is about it for the troops.

  • Spoticus

    These look great. I feel your pain when a spray does not go the way we want. I love the contrast that comes from the blue (power lines?)

    • Cheers chief. Yeah those cannons need to drain power from the extended backpacks.

  • James

    Look great Rory. They needed the blue in them to break up the metallics. Good save. Can’t believe the paint came out like it did, thankfully I’ve never had that happen before. Must have been not shaken up enough.

    • I did the usual two minutes I would do on other cans, shall just lengthen the time on Army Painter in future.

  • Turkadactyl

    Army Painter is unpredictable. I’ve had some sprays cover detail while others have not. I haven’t had issue with the GW colour sprays…yet. I only use Army Painter sprays for terrain now where I am not as concerned about the detail.

    • I can understand that logic.

  • I have similar issues with Army Painter’s Angel Green; way too thick coming out of the can, no matter how well you shake it. You have done s great job saving them, they look terrific 🙂

    • Five minutes is the current shake tine I am giving them and the lightest coats. In future I think I will just pay the extra for GW stuff.