Doomrider Rides Once More- WiP 3

By | 25th July 2016

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh: Doomrider

Time to get working on the bike! Despite having several other projects via to distract me I want to push through with this one as it brings my second ETL vow that little bit closer to completion. Lets jump right in…
Click over there for part the first agus part the second.
Doomrider - Daemonprince of Slaanesh
Doomrider – Daemonprince of Slaaneh – Om nom nom nom!

Isn’t that a mouth only a mother or Slaanesh could love? I spent a good bit of time working on those teeth to get the look I wanted down, I think I ended up carefully strippnig paint back three times before working it out. The actual skin/armour of the bike is done with a red wash over the grey primer and a dry brushed Tentacle Pink, with a little more white very sparring done over that. I felt it was important to block away a big bit of colour on this one to get me started.
Doomrider - Daemonprince of Slaanesh
Doomrider – Daemonprince of Slaanesh: Burn, baby burn!
As you can see having some colour actually down means I can start to work on the smaller details now and slowly unify everything together. I didn’t get as much as I wanted done recently but I shall be making the push to get this fella done in the next couple of days.
Doomrider - Daemonprince of Slaanesh
Doomrider – Daemonprince of Slaanesh
So what does everyone think of how it is coming together so far? Slwoly but surely is the plan.


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