Tyranids 1: List Building

By | 12/14/2015
I know that once again I have not posted and when I am posting it is not the beloved Sons of Magnus. Have no fear the Thousand Sons are never far from my thoughts but I have three secret projects I am working on and this is my 8th day in a row in work.
I have been mostly spending time wish listing on a new army that doesn’t feature power armour. Just a fun little side project and I can up with Tyranids….

So here is my 1000 point list, which was mostly created by my good friend tOther figuring out what I wanted and making it look like an actual list.
++ Tyranids: Codex (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment) ++
+ HQ  +
Hive Tyrant [Lash Whip & Bonesword, Powers of the Hive Mind, Psyker (Mastery Level 2), Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Wings]
····Rules: Powers of the Hive Mind, Psyker, Shadow in the Warp, Synapse Creature
········Hive Tyrant: Unit Type:Monstrous Creature (Character)|WS:8|BS:4|S:6|T:6|W:4|I:5|A:4|Ld:10|Save:3+|Codex: Tyranids p40
········Wings: Description:If a Monstrous Creature has this biomorph, its unit type is Flying Monstrous Creature.|Codex: Tyranids p67
········Devourer with brainleech worms: Range:18″|Strength:6|AP:-|Type:Assault 6|Codex: Tyranids p64
········Lash Whip & Bonesword: Range:-|Strength:User|AP:3|Type:Melee, Life Drain, Swiftstrike|Codex: Tyranids p63
+ Elites +
Lictor Brood
····Lictor [Flesh Hooks, Rending Claws, Scything Talons]
········Rules: Deep Strike, Fear, Fleet, Hit and Run, Infiltrate, Instinctive Behaviour – Lurk, Move Through Cover, Pheromone Trail, Stealth, Very Bulky
········Lictor: Unit Type:Infantry|WS:6|BS:3|S:6|T:4|W:3|I:6|A:3|Ld:10|Save:5+|Codex: Tyranids p44
········Chameleonic Skin: Description:A Lictor does not scatter when arriving from Deep Strike Reserve.|Codex: Tyranids p44
········Flesh Hooks: Description:Models equiped with this biomorph don’t suffer the penalty to their Initiative for charging enemies through difficult terrain but fight at thier normal initiative. In addtion they can be fired as a ranged weapon.|Codex: Tyranids p41
········Flesh Hooks: Range:6″|Strength:User|AP:-|Type:Assault 2|Codex: Tyranids p41
········Rending Claws: Range:-|Strength:user|AP:5|Type:Melee, Rending|Codex: Tyranids p83
········Scything Talons: Range:-|Strength:User|AP:6|Type:Melee|Codex: Tyranids p63
Venomthrope Brood
····Venomthrope [Lashwhips, Toxic Miasma]
········Rules: Instinctive Behaviour – Lurk, Poisoned (2+), Shrouded, Spore Cloud, Very Bulky
········Venomthrope: Unit Type:Infantry|WS:3|BS:3|S:4|T:4|W:2|I:3|A:2|Ld:6|Save:5+|Codex: Tyranids p47
Zoanthrope Brood [3x Zoanthrope ]
····Rules: Brotherhood of Psychers, Powers of the Hive Mind, Psychic Brood, Shadow in the Warp, Synapse Creature, Very Bulky, Warp Field
········Zoanthrope: Unit Type:Infantry|WS:3|BS:4|S:4|T:4|W:2|I:3|A:1|Ld:10|Save:5+|Codex: Tyranids p45
+ Troops +
Hormagaunt Brood
····20x Hormagaunt  [20x Scything Talons]
········Rules: Bounding Leap, Fleet, Instinctive Behaviour – Feed, Move Through Cover
········Hormagaunt: Unit Type:Infantry|WS:3|BS:3|S:3|T:3|W:1|I:5|A:2|Ld:6|Save:6+|Codex: Tyranids p42
········Scything Talons: Range:-|Strength:User|AP:6|Type:Melee|Codex: Tyranids p63
Hormagaunt Brood
····20x Hormagaunt  [20x Scything Talons]
········Rules: Bounding Leap, Fleet, Instinctive Behaviour – Feed, Move Through Cover
········Hormagaunt: Unit Type:Infantry|WS:3|BS:3|S:3|T:3|W:1|I:5|A:2|Ld:6|Save:6+|Codex: Tyranids p42
········Scything Talons: Range:-|Strength:User|AP:6|Type:Melee|Codex: Tyranids p63
+ Fast Attack +
Hive Crone [Drool Cannon, Scything Talons, 4x Tentaclids]
····Rules: Fearless, Instinctive Behaviour – Feed, Raking Strike
········Hive Crone: Unit Type:Flying Monstrous Creature|WS:3|BS:3|S:5|T:5|W:5|I:5|A:3|Ld:10|Save:4+|Codex: Tyranids p56
········Drool Cannon: Range:Template|Strength:6|AP:4|Type:Assault 1|Codex: Tyranids p64
········Scything Talons: Range:-|Strength:User|AP:6|Type:Melee|Codex: Tyranids p63
········Tentaclids: Range:36″|Strength:5|AP:5|Type:Assault 1, Haywire, Seeking, One Use Only|Codex: Tyranids p65
+ Heavy Support +
Toxicrene  [Acid Blood, Choking Cloud, Lash Whips, Toxic Miasma]
····Rules: Fearless, Hypertoxic, Instinctive Behaviour – Feed, Poisoned (2+), Predatory Sentience, Shrouded
········Toxicrene: Unit Type:Monstrous Creature|WS:3|BS:3|S:5|T:6|W:5|I:3|A:6|Ld:8|Save:4+
········Acid Blood: Description:For each unsaved Wound a model with the acid blood biomorph suffers in close combat, the enemy unit that inflicted the Wound must take an Initiative test at the end of the current Initiative step. For each test that is failed, the unit that inflicted the Wound immediately suffers a Strength 5 AP2 hit with the Ignores Cover special rule.|Codex: Tyranids p67
········Toxic Miasma: Description:Once per game, in any Assault phase, a unit with this biomorph can unlease its toxic miasma. If it does so, at the Initiative 1 step, all enemy units engaged in close comabt suffer a number of hits equal to the number of models from their unit in base contact with any model from the Tyranid unit unleashing the toxic miasma. These hits are resolved at Strength 3 AP- and have the Poisoned and Ignores Cover special rules.|Codex: Tyranids p67
········Choking Cloud: Range:12″|Strength:3|AP:-|Type:Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Large Blast, Poisoned (2+), Predatory Sentience
········Lash Whip: Range:-|Strength:User|AP:-|Type:Melee, Swiftstrike|Codex: Tyranids p63
All good so far? Here are the reasons behind the units.
Hive Tyrant – A good all rounder with 6str 6 18″ rand shots, and the bonuses in combat from lashwhip and swords. It’s main flexibility comes form its speed though and the ability to maintain synapse where its needed. All in all it’ll mince most characters in 1 on 1 combat and eat its way through units like a hot knife through butter. Plus the winged tyrant is a lovely centrepiece model.
Lictor – This is for back field support and to worry your opponent. 90% of the time it won’t survive for long but it can threaten your opponents backfield units early on, plus it acts as a homing device if you decide to DS any units. That and I’ve loved them since the model first came out.
Venomthrope – To advance with your troops and foot sloggers using its ability to provide cover saves to nearby units to their advantage. Surprisingly tough to shift, especially if you opponent has to shoot through other units to get to it (cover save from blocking unit + shrouded). It should never be left unsupported though.
Zoanthrope – One of the best units in the ‘Nid list in my opinion. 3++ makes them very hard to shift and with their psychic powers they add much needed anti-tank firepower to the list, as well as providing another synapse hub to your foot sloggers.
Hormagaunts – These are cheap and cheerful with no upgrades. They are not an immediate threat on their own but with their speed and the sheer number of models/attacks on a charge they can surprise unwary opponents with their hitting power. They fit into my idea of a wave of alien death as well.
Fast Attack:
Hive Crone – Provides both anti air and anti-ground troop firepower and adds support to your winged tyrant. Not an amazing unit but an extra flying monstrous creature with a range of uses.
Heavy Support:
Toxicrene – Mainly there because I love the model. It’s a monstrous creature with poisoned 2+ and AP 2 due to having the smash rule. It will eat through enemy elites quite happily and give any other monstrous creatures it encounters a hard time due to the initiative boost from it’s lash whips. It’s other abilities make it a threat to any unit with a toughness value
So what do people think? I always value fellow bloggers and #warmongers opinions.

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