Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 3: Progress!

By | 04/23/2015
I have been getting some progress done on the models I have. A lot of these were donated by Onward to War Dan for which I am most grateful. I don’t have the basic troops yet even, rather I do have a bunch of vanilla marines that I want to turn into Thousand Sons. All of this is rather limited by my complete lack of bits. But time will tell on that one.

Thousand Sons Sorcerer, Daemon Prince and Hellbrutes.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. I am rather proud of the Hellbrute conversion I must admit.

WIP Thousand Sons Hellbrutes.

WIP Thosuand Sons Hellbrute, Sorcerer and Daemon Prince. Now with added bronze!
Thousand Sons Hellbrute with his cute little skull face.

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