Konflikt ’47: Daughters of the Motherland

By | 12th December 2017

Who says women cannot be genetically modified warriors? Not Warlord Games anyway, as seen in the background for one of their units in Konflikt 47:

Using a low level of DNA enhancement through their Rift-tech programme, the Soviet Union has created an all-female, propaganda-driven elite unit. Combined with intensive training and indoctrination, the unit has proven highly effective in combat, although is only used when causalities are anticipated to be minimal. Their battlefield successes may well see them deployed in broader roles as the war progresses.

I got this set from Alchemists Workshops and have been itching to dig into them (and build an army around them). While these models are similar in scale to the big competitors on the scene, GW, they don’t use that heroic scale to them. Less larger than life and more down and gritty fighting a war.

Daughters of the Motherland 1: Konflikt 47

Daughters of the Motherland!

Now metal minis are a rarity these days in my modelling but this entire set is metal. This came with its own problems bent guns, in one case snapped completely off. No sprues to keep them safe before being clipped out. These arrive in a box that contains what is essentially a large blister pack, which lets the models rattle around a touch.

Daughters of the Motherland 2: Konflikt 47

You can see the figure on the right has lost half its gun. Not sure how to even get that on again.

Another oddity I have found is the bases. The models come with feet attached to a basing section, which is then set into the base. Presumably one is now meant to build up this to the same level. It seems like an odd choice after all this.

Daughters of the Motherland 3: Konflikt 47

Lovely details.

All in all though I really am looking forward to painting them up. I think they will look very well alongside my Shadow Wars team and my Gothic KV2.

Next step is some filling in of the bases and getting my paint on.

Thanks again to Alchemists Workshops for sending these over:

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  • That kind of basing used to be pretty common. I think that was when things were as likely to be used for RPGs (where standardized basing is usually irrelevant) as in Wargames. Kind of an odd approach to take these days, tho.

    On the missing barrel, I would probably just go ahead and make a new one. Some brass rod of the right diameter, a little putty and/or plasticard for the details, and it should be fine.

    • I will have to have an experiment with the gun barrel for sure. See what I can put together.

      The basing is a thing I remember from RPGs for sure. But surely Konflikt 47 was never designed for that? So to me it is an odd choice. Ah well I shall look into how to fill it.