Rust Renegade Knight WiP

By | 21st December 2017

Time to roll out the big guns, a pair of very big guns. Avenger Gatling cannons to be precise and two of them! The renegade knight can double up on its gun choices, never sure why it can compared to the loyalist versions.

Renegade Knight wip 1

This will need a whole lot of dice.

Renegade Knight wip 2

So I went with a really battered looking version, this Knight gets repairs when and if it can. Although this being my first plastic knight I didn’t give it any actual damage to the model. Just the aged and worn look.

Renegade Knight wip 3

So much lovely detail in this model.

Renegade Knight wip 3

You can just about see the Dark Angel green showing on the dreadnought.

The process was:

  • Gun metal spray basecoat
  • Stipple browns in sections
  • Selected orange stippling, mainly over the brown
  • Spray with water, apply sea salt and let it dry
  • Undercoat black on sections
  • After that dries knock off the salt
  • Tada battered look!
Renegade Knight wip 4

The currently empty name plate.

Both weapons have only barely been started. I need to remember which blogger did a post on heat treatment of weapon barrels. Any thoughts?

Renegade Knight wip 6

Beauty shot. You can just about see the eye lenses.

But there you have it, things are coming together. Not sure what to do on the energy shield yet. Might try tie it into the red on the weapons.