Get by with a little Waaaagh from my friends…

By | 9th May 2017

Here we go!

Finally got my Ork Boyz finished off. They are not up to my usual lax standards but are pure gaming fodder, but I do like the look of them.

This mob is 12 boyz, one with rokkit launcher and one nob with a boss pole and power klaw. Just a little unit I hope to someday drop in a truck to send zooming across the field to a fiery death, or not depending on 8th.

So yeah my eldest asked for them to have pink hair and I couldn’t think of any reason an Ork would care so they got. Will help the unit stand out and all, ties in well with the purple armour.

As most of the models are made from the Black Reach set I am happy with how they manage to look a little bit varied from each other. This was helped with bits from Silvertabby and tOther. Both of whom have been quiet on the site lately, one is moving house and the other had a newborn. Plus tOther likes to mess with lists and is waiting eagerly for 8th to drop.

One last shot of everything I have together and painted so far. More to come down the line!

Next up will be another trip down the Eldar memory lane, followed by a Shadow Wars Amergeddon kill team I am putting together.


  • Pink hair squigs (along with other vibrant colours) were actually a pretty common thing back in RT/2nd Ed. I actually thought they were just a cool callback to that until you mentioned your kid. Honestly, I really like them with the pink and purple. Gonna make them stand out nicely on the table.

    • I don’t remember that at all from my second edition days. Huh. Still they look fun.

      • Thinking about it more, I think it might have been mostly a Freebooterz thing. There’s one in the 2nd Ed Ork Codex on Pg.37 if you’ve still got a copy of that around. I seem to remember there being more, but that may have just been in Armies I played against.

        • I still don’t have an overall theme for this lot but Freebooters may work…

  • Loving the pink hair!
    Got a funny feeling orks will rock in 8th. Waaarrgh!

    • Apparently assault armies will be better but who knows? I am not pushed to be honest either way. These are a for fun army.

  • Mordian7th

    Nice work, man! Gotta love gettin’ stuck in wit da boyz from time to time!

    • Cheers buddy. They are a nice refreshing change for sure.

  • Like everyone else, I dig the pink. It’s a great contrast to the skin. The blood on the choppas is convincingly done.

    Nitpicky, but you didn’t paint the tongues on some of the Boyz, and there’s some earrings/lip rings/whatever, that aren’t painted either.

    • Fair points, well made. I had managed to forget that completely. Frak! Ah well I can go back and do some touch ups.

      I wanted a used look to the weapons and less of a dipped in technical blood paint.

      • I miss stuff ALL the time. It’s half the reason I take pics to put on my blog, it’s then that I see my mistakes 😉