Some test Gretchin (or Grots)

By | 11/24/2018

I will always think of then as Gretchin, because that is how I knew the gits back in second edition. Back then they only had one model that I look back on with rose tinted mek goggles. Even if I have memories of standing one of the little gits and it puncturing the skin.

These days it seems to be all about Grots though and I got these crazy cheap. Plus as Greggle’s said to me “once you get to 30, you have the basis for all the batalions.” Alas he also warned me of the dangers of painting 60 of them. Still I thought to myself it won’t be so bad will it?

Test Gretchin

Ork Runtherd and Gretchin Grots

Well I figured I would only need the one Runtherd, but I had to equip him with the squig hound. Not due to any rules reasons, just because the model is fantastic. Look at it above just trying to taste that Gretchin.

As is my standard approach for Orks I went with a grey undercoat. Just like my previous Ork Boyz. With Orks not have a single primary colour it just makes sense to me. It is easy to paint over, into light or dark colours.

Grots Gretchin

Really liking these models, some wonderful poses if rather fixed. Plus comically over sized pistols! What is not to love.

Due to points cost and the fact I still have 17 more of these to go I held off on doing any heavy detailing on them. But I am happy with how the skin came out looking in the end

Ork Runtherd 8th edition

I kept the same bright look to the Runtherd as I have to my other Orks. No point in trying to go drab and serious now. I am fond of how he came out in the end. Won’t win any awards but he will keep the Gretchin from running off if something looks at them funny.

See? I am not dead. Apologies for the lack of content on the site recently, work has been rather hectic.

What have you been up to?

9 thoughts on “Some test Gretchin (or Grots)

  1. Westrider

    Looking good. Now to see if you can do a couple dozen more. That’s the hard part 😉

  2. Blazmo

    The skin tone looks great. I’m with you on the old Gretchin, Grots are for Gorkamorka!

  3. Thor

    Nice job. Solid paint job and there’s no sense getting overly silly with painting Grots, well, unless you want to. A base coat and wash is about all I did with mine back in the day.

  4. Philip Vogelsberg

    They look really good for grots. Personally, I like to make their skin tone a bit brighter than the orks to make them look a bit punier, but I like what you have done here. Keep it up!

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Cheers, I tend to think sheer size makes them look puny by comparison. 😉


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